PRESS RELEASE: October 9, 2015

Announcing PonyCrush, the first social network / dating site mashup for the My Little Pony fandom.

Have you ever felt awkward about building relationships that go past friendship on a social network? Have you ever used a dating site and felt really suspicious of it? We believe we have the solution.

PonyCrush is a new social networking community for the My Little Pony fandom with a focus on both friendship and dating. Our mission is to provide a chill community for pony fans to meet one another and find that special somepony... or just hang with friends. We believe this will promote a community where users aren’t discouraged by the uneasiness (cringe factor) traditional dating sites are known for, while also maintaining a community more comfortable with dating than on other social networks.

Starting development in December 2014, the site was quietly launched in June. Since then, it has undergone beta-testing and continuous development. Many additional features have been added, and many more are in current development or planning, including instant messaging, groups, and more.

Now, at the time of this article, we are approaching 200 members.

Join PonyCrush today and be part of the next generation of social network for bronies.

Thank you,
The PonyCrush Team

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Twitter: @PonyCrush

Please note that registrations are restricted to 18+ due to the dating feature of the site.