Do conservatives really want Weiner to resign? It's much better to keep him where he is now and it's doubtful we would pick up his seat. 


The GOP response to all of this is "He's probably lying, he should have told the truth, but let's move on"


ok, i'm done with weinergate until Weiner calls the cops or if there's a Shirley Sherrod uturn...




Have you verified that any of the people you talked to in this article actually FUCKING exist? As in, flesh in bone... they are who they say they are, not a PR company shaping a storyline?







My Weinergate theory is that this whole thing was a PR stunt gone terribly terribly wrong... it is the Titanic of PR stunts...  the intention was to puff Weiner up as someone the right was going after... the end blame was suppose to be put on Breitbart.. I'll start laying things out after if I can get things pieced together...


You want proof that it was all just a PR Stunt(and it went bad)? Look at the news organization that ran with that daily kos nonsense from day 1... and what they're running now... good lord, our media is corrupt...




BTW, the PR stunt theory solves how Patriot was able to see the tweet and Weiner deleted it so quickly...


It actually solves a lot of things which I'll get too... 















Other Wolfe e-mails reveal that, despite a torrent of unrelenting Twitter vitriol directed at the New York congressman, he claimed to be “a little worried when it comes to Weiner.” In a May 25 e-mail, Wolfe cited the Democratic pol’s “Clinton connections--they have people everywhere.” Weiner’s wife is Huma Abedin, who has been a close aide to Hillary Clinton for more than a decade. Weiner and Abedin (pictured at right) were married last July in a ceremony presided over by former President Bill Clinton.

Wolfe concluded the May 25 correspondence by noting, “I know I sound paranoid.”







If patriotusa76 is fake, the target may not be Weiner... it could be Breitbart... if this story takes a Shirley Sherrod turn you heard it here first... [EDIT: I made this less absolute than it was earlier]


If he isn't fake(and I don't think he is)... well... read this... http://filmladd.com/?PatriotUSA76


Was the guy in this rather nasty DailyKos thread the source of the May 25th email? It's (most) likely the rest of those emails came from Big Government.


A NOTE ON #WeinerYes


June 1st - "Sorry for all the unwanted attention on #WeinerYes follows. I didn't mean to make you famous. #CollateralDamage" - http://twitter.com/RepWeiner/status/76075448005705728


May 15th - "Thanks for all the #WeinerYes tweets. Now I'm #WeinerSwamped. I'm gonna do some #WeinerFollowingYou adds today."  - http://twitter.com/RepWeiner/status/69763496878948353


May 13th - "Thanks so much for following me. Would you like me to follow you? Use #WeinerYes " - http://twitter.com/RepWeiner/status/69020628388290560


Anthony Weinr Follows Me on Twitter and He's Not a Pervert - A Woman who followed Weiner through #WeinerYes


When people report on who Weiner follows, they need to be careful about when Weiner followed them... quite honestly, I think the intent of #WeinerYes was to mask his intent in following certain people that would look odd to be following.


There are 3 pre-#WeinerYes people that I know off the top of my head... [I'm going to do add some stuff here in a bit]


Ginger Lee the pr0n star - Weiner followed her sometime in March... he did eventually unfollow her. [EDIT: actually, it may be possible he never followed her... I need to look this up]


Cordova the college coed - Weiner probably followed her in April right after she ironically call him her boyfriend. From her statement, it was at least in April sometime... before #WeinerYes.... 


The high school girl - IIRC, she wanted Weiner to take her to the prom or something... I don't quite remember... but he unfollowed her after she and Weiner were made fun of... IIRC, the #WeinerYes stuff started up right around the time he unfollowed her... I've got to look that though... I'm pretty sure(95% sure) she DMed with him though


1. People need to be careful about looking at the post #WeinerYes people Weiner followed...

2. People need to be careful about letting Weiner use #WeinerYes as an excuse about who he followed before hand... Cordova was at one time 1 of 91 or 94 or so... and Ginger Lee would be less than that.


From Ace: "I see now this is a rather fully-developed point already. While he did send out automated messages to people who tweeted to him "#WeinerYes" (which I think engages the automated-messaging ability)


I don't think it was automated... he read and followed people...  pretty sure there was a specific #WeinerYes time period of between May 13th and May 15th...




One of the oddest things about Weinergate is that he just happened to be there to delete the tweet quickly despite being silent on twitter for 3 1/2 hours.... he and his spokesperson have repeatedly lied about there being a gap...


Emily Miller didn't transcribe Weiner's lie about how he was already tweeting when the pic was sent... it's 2:30 seconds into this audio... someone should make a mirror of this whole press conference that is embedable...








"Weiner: "I was tweeting at the time. Anyone who follows my twitter feed & I'm sure you all do" Bragged has more follo than @MicheleBachmann"


"The tech-savvy congressman saw the picture almost immediately. He had been tweeting about a hockey game just a few minutes earlier." - see biggovt link




(very interesting article btw...)


This screenshot came from "dan wolfe"(if that's his real name) and it shows the timeline well... despite the "25 minutes ago" on the 'lewd' tweet, it was probably deleted rather quickly... 








Good timeline here too...







Russert asked Weiner if the lewd pictures that were Tweeted from Weiner’s account to a young lady were of him. Weiner answered: “I can’t say with certitude.”


Come on man, is it your junk or not... how did the hacker/prankster get the picture if it is you?




Let me start out by saying that no matter what this story is newsworthy(we either have a hacker or a pervy congressman) and if Weiner is innocent he needs to call the police period... and if any web services have any major security flaws that would allow what happened to happen we really need to know.


I still think Weiner was the one who sent the tweet(and quite honestly, until he stops acting guilty and calls the cops I will continue to assume that), but this blog post here may be onto something with regard to how a potential hack could have occured. Considering twitter is coming out with their own photosharing service, it could be really damaging for imageshack/yfrog...




Disregard where he fingers patriotusa76, ... that guy didn't do it... he wouldn't have provided the photos from his cache if he did it... and he didn't sound tech literate..


I do wonder what happend to repneedledick


[section edit]


If that blog post is true, Weiner could really get some money suing imageshack/yfrog




I'm still done with this... if you're new to weinergate the below 2 links are the best primer on it...






It's the end of this... further content I will try to get pushed on other blogs... or maybe I should just start my own blog.




Cordova and Weiner each out a statement today... and they contradict... though there may be some wiggle room...


"this person had harassed me many times after the Congressman followed me on Twitter a month or so ago" ~ Cardova

"He doesn’t know the person named by the hacker" ~ Weiner Spox





OK, Weiner is innocent, go get the hackers... Cordova is innocent, go get whoever is sending out unwanted obscene photos.


CRISIS PR UPDATE: What's Happening in Hamlet


Cordova has released a statement... curiously to Tommy Christopher(Mediate) and the New York Daily News




A few questions for Cordova.


1. Why did it take 36 hours for this to be released? Why was your first instinct to remove everything including your college newspaper bylines?

2. Why were you one of the only 90-100 people Weiner followed at one time? That would have allowed you two to Direct Message each other.

3. Why did you retweet his Seattle Time tweet? Do you know why Weiner cared about the time in Seattle?

4. If you are completely innocent then you are the target of obscenity and/or sexual harassment... will you press charges against either Weiner or the hackers?


more questions are probably coming in a bit.


BTW, if you want to know why the New York Daily News was chosen for her statement look at the news story that goes with her statement...




"backed his contention they're both victims of online pranksters"


Um, no.... she says nothing about whether Weiner was hacked or not("I cannot answer the questions that I do not have the answers to")... fact is, the "harassment" she has received was a result of her flirtations with Weiner... .the writer of the article is an idiot or is purposely helping with the Crisis PR...


AP makes the same dumb mistake... "For her part, the woman who allegedly received the photos also said Rep. Weiner was almost certainly not responsible.




UPDATE 11: Calling on redrivergrlpatriotusa76repneedledick to release relevant PMs


After seeing this photo on twitter and after media-ites dumb story, you guys should release PMs where you guys talked about Weiner... you guys are part of the story, the fact you guys were talking about Weiner and how he was interacting with women back in April is evidence in itself. 




Update: The congressman's spox, Dave Arnold, emails: "This is intended to be a distraction, and we’re not going to let it become one. Anthony’s accounts were obviously hacked. He doesn’t know the person named by the hacker, and we will be consulting on what steps to take next."




Dude, Weiner is not that important... what are we "distracting" from? Watching youtube videos of himself?


You are a liar too... Weiner followed Cordova when she was 1 of 91 people Weiner followed... 




UPDATE 9: Weiner's DM policy doesn't seem to be very egalitiarian...






I'm eventually going to write a response to Media-ites latest(or maybe not, I want to work on a twitter bot)...


UPDATE 8: Tracking down the original photo for the metadata...


May want to start with these people: http://postimage.org/image/t7y7byas/full/


patriotusa76 mizflame98 OR_Conservative chrisrano redrivergrl need to step up and check their caches for the original photo.


BTW, more important than the original picture is the screenshot of the original picture in the cache AND the original picture. BTW, I doubt anyone will be successful... I've tried to do this so many times and more often than not come up empty.


Even without the original picture the obvious explanation is that he, not hackers tweeted it out... don't put too much emphasis on getting the exact original picture.


UPDATE 7: A partial response to Gawker's Weinergate, Day 2 :


There's more to say than this but this is the very low hanging fruit...


1. Not only did Weiner tweet the "time" in Seatle... Cordova retweeted that tweet... 

2. At one time, Cordova was 1 of 91 people Weiner followed. This would allow them to DM each other. The "lewd" photo was likely meant to be DM.

3. Cordova not only pulled the plug on her facebook, twitter, and formspring but her bylines are disappearing for stories she has written for her college newspaper.

4. "if this were evidence of an affair, Weiner is having a lot of affairs" ~~~ Um, no... you can't dismiss it that easily. At least 4 people saw "crushing" between those two in April... 1 was her friend and 3 were conservative activist types. There are probably more. 


BTW, this is something I found that nobody even on the right has given any notice... it isn't much but it is something...




UPDATE 6: Is Meggie Mac being passive aggressive?




UPDATE 5: Director Blue has a nice timeline here... I see a few things he could have added. Bloggers should start creating their own timelines to help sort things out.




UPDATE 4: Just a note, this is memorial day weekend... don't attack the media too much... drudge doesn't even have a link up yet let alone the siren... 


MORNING UPDATE 3: Cordova wrote an article on "twitter vs facebook" that has a section called "Access to the Stars"


This isn't terribly interesting but I noticed Moe Lane wasn't able to get a screenshot of that article with her byline from google's cache when he made his post so I checked out bing's cache and came up with this.




MORNING UPDATE 2: Weiner followed Cordova(and other young girls)




Here's another picture that points that way...




This is important as it's likely that they were DM-ing.


Reminder from datatechguy ... Weiner only followed around 200 people(Actually it may have been just 91 or so) and had about ~44K followers... one of those people was Cordova... who is just this journalism student in Seattle.


MORNING UPDATE 1: She finally deleted her formspring... 







Cordova is being scrubbed from the news articles that she wrote for her college newspaper... W*T*F... I noticed her articles earlier but didn't find them interesting and didn't see them as being high priority for a screen shot... but for some reason they're trying to scrub it.




URGENT UPDATE: Cordova friend @Solzilla just deleted this tweet...








which is a probable reference to this tweet from her:







NOTICE: If you want to help, use google's realtime search for GennetteNicole... she will eventually disappear from that so people need to gather up screenshots quickly.


All the info and images(mostly screenshots) that are mine you are free to use for yourself for whatever purpose without attribution.


Rep. Anthony Weiner tweeted a picture of his boner(under undies) to a lady in Seattle… who he is probably having an affair(at the very least online flirting) with. He claims his account was hacked but it's more likely he meant to Direct Message(DM) and instead tweeted it out to the world.


Here is the image he tweeted out:





Here is a picture showing Weiner's legs up to his knees and he looks rather hairless like in the 'lewd' photo. Also shape of leg seems to match.



Her name is Gennette Nicole Cordova.... and for some odd reason that lady immediately deleted her twitter and facebook pages… 

Her twitter was at: twitter.com/GennetteNicole


Here is a text cache of her twitter page: http://bit.ly/mygFjL

Picture of text cache: http://postimage.org/image/2ntzbm3r8/full/

Big government has normal twitter page but they blocked out her profile info...


Twitpic Account: http://twitpic.com/photos/GennetteNicole


"Name GNC
Bio Seattleite. Type A. Undergrad Journalism Student. Progressive. Humanitarian in the Making."

Google's twitter search for GennetteNicole: http://bit.ly/j4W6QN

Topsy listing for GennetteNicole: http://topsy.com/s/gennettenicole


On two separate occasions she sent out this exact same tweet[EDIT:It's possible she only sent it out once... I've noticed some weird timestamp issues with some of these twitter search engines]... on April 9th and April 20th... the April 9th tweet was spotted by one of her friends and the April 20th tweet was spotted by a conservative activist.


I wonder what my boyfriend @RepWeiner is up to right now.”


April 9th:


[thanks ironicsurrealism] Topsy has apparently removed this from their cache







April 20th:











Her facebook profile was at:


Here is her most recent profile picture:

mirror with urlbar: http://postimage.org/image/2mqsm72is/
mirror without urlbar: http://postimage.org/image/es59g2n8/

Here is another picture of her that was linked from facebook page cached by google on March 9th... 

mirror with urlbar: http://postimage.org/image/2ns8h6wzo/
mirror without urlbar: http://postimage.org/image/ervc7zok/
cache link: http://bit.ly/jle0nR
cache link image: http://postimage.org/image/2ntaijwck/full/

She had been on facebook for a long time... at least October 2, 2007... why delete it overnight?

October 2, 2007 cache page: http://bit.ly/jU2WG4
image mirror: http://postimage.org/image/tia87q84/

The latest facebook cache is a couple weeks old so from that alone you can tell she deleted(or made hidden) her facebook recently.

Google search for finding facebook caches: http://bit.ly/mAJpZx

Her formspring(remote possibility this isn't same person as twitter/facebook):

mirror: http://postimage.org/image/eresuiqs/
with urlbar: http://postimage.org/image/tsj124ck/


Her twitter bio said she is from Seattle... the facebook cache pages indicate she goes to Western Washington University which is near Seattle. For some odd reason a couple of hours before he was "hacked" this tweet was sent out(which seems like it may have meant to be a Direct Message)...

"Heading to 30 Rock to chat with Rachel at 9. #Thats545InSeattleIThink"


The Rachel he is talking about is Maddow... 30 Rock is the MSNBC studio... in New York... why does he give a shit about the time in Seattle specifically? If he was just referring to the "West Coast" why didn't he just say "West Coast"?


Cordova RT'd that tweet:




Cordova called Maddow her lesbian crush a couple days beforehand:




Oh and she's Jew-obsessed:



TweetCongress still has the tweets up in their oginal context... you have to click "more" a lot though...


See here for screenshot of the boner tweet on tweetcongress: http://patterico.com/2011/05/28/rep-anthony-weiner-selectively-edits-himself/

There was about a 3 hour difference between the #Thats545InSeattle" and the boner tweet to the lady in Seattle.


Weiner is married to Huma Abedin who is a longtime personal aide to Hillary Clinton. They were married less than a year ago and Bill Clinton presided over the ceremony.





In this Sunday's NYTime's Magazine Meghan McCain calls Weiner her favorite Democrat.




FAVORITE DEMOCRAT: I like Anthony Weiner, the congressman from New York. He has YouTube moments I find entertaining, and he's married to Huma Abedin, who works for Secretary of State Clinton. I have to tip my hat to him for landing such a hot woman.


Weiner admits the tweet went out. The most obvious explaination is that he was the one who tweeted it. Not ninjas, not unicorns, and not the obvious scapegoat of "hackers". We're not in a courtroom here.... this is not about "innocent until proven guilty", this is about Occam's razor and "hackers" is not the most obvious explanation. The horny middle-aged man is... and then maybe hackers.




I'll leave you with one of my favorite choons ever that just happens to be on the soundtrack of Hackers(and Mortal Kombat)


Orbital - Halycon On and On


And also Angelina


Ace is on fire on twitter right now.




Everyone, hit "Retweet" on this tweet...




Hilarious blogs in retrospect...





Animated Gifs









Funny Weiner Pictures... I may use these for a twitter bot...









Many more coming