Chin up Ladies, it's time to change this shit.

This is not meant as a humor post because there's not much funny located in the statistics below. I saw the chart floating around recently and had to Grrrrr. Yes, this male vs female discrepancy has got to end. So then, FUNNY LADIES, keep doing what you're doing, do more of it, go after the comedy writing jobs you desire, try hard, sure you'll fail a bit, A LOT, just DON'T GIVE UP, stay in the game long enough to SUCCEED. In any field a large percentage of people truly fail because they stopped climbing the ladder and lost hope in their skills. Never let the Dick&Ball contingent tell you you're not funny. And if they do tell you that, DO NOT FORGET most male humor grows, festers from the fact that we hated them in high school. Oh, and from the sad lingering pain over the love of their life who broke their heart 20 fucking years ago. What was her name? If you ever date him yourself, trust me, he'll tell you all about it. SNOOZE. But does SHE remember HIS name? No.*try to keep this truth in mind and remain amused*


Ahhh, also remember not to throw the word "sexism" around too much... sure it's a big part of it, but there are many idiotic factors, one of which being that many male writers think they'll feel awkward if a woman is in the writer's room (seriously). Imagining they'll offend her. Or that she'll distract their creativity with her big boobies and beautiful lips, and wow her hair so shiny and that ass, MMMM, yeah. Oddly that reminds me of a certain religion which changed the way we fly. Given that, what happens is a general feeling it's best not to hire females. Fucking ridiculous, no? Many women are funnier, more adventurous and aggressive than you're average slug filling the executive producer seat on any given show. And whether you have the gig or not they'll steal your CHICK jokes and people will tell them,

"Wow, you are such a great MAN comedy DUDE writer, BRO. You're all huge dick and semen filled balls."  I exaggerate this hypothetical quote, but hey, fuck 'em. Not literally though. Getting a job via penetration winds up painful.


*NOTE this is slightly out of date by about 0000.1%*





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