Ways to Get Back on Your Feet and Into Your Ex’s Life - Don’t Let Disorienta...

When you’re suddenly faced with the words “It’s time to go our separate ways”, a flurry of emotions will hit you, but in the end, depression—and those feelings related—will take hold of you as you start to feel alone and worthless.  In order to make it through this hard time, you’re going to need determination and resolve.  The real question is how to become determined to move on when life feels scattered.

Life is going to be a little disorienting at first because you’re so used to having your ex around you or at least communicating with you.  This disorientation is natural because you cared about your ex.  If you’re not feeling this way, it’s likely you were ready to move on anyway.

First off, it’s perfectly fine that you’re feeling the sad emotions that come with a break up.  Just because you do feel them doesn’t make you weak.  Don’t, however, allow these emotions to overcome you and your common sense.  You can, however, use these emotions to push forward.  If you’re angry, start working out using that anger to stimulate your motivation to get back in shape especially if you want to get back your ex.

The first step to getting over your emotions is to cut off all communication with your ex that you can—no matter what.  If you keep in touch, you’re just going to be reminded daily that your ex is your ex and not your boyfriend/girlfriend.  It’s easier to get over this when you’re not talking to your ex because you won’t be tempted to do something (like hug, kiss, etc) that you were comfortable doing as a couple.

Remain socially and physically active and healthy—a trip to the supermarket dressed in sweats with a basket of different flavors of ice cream does not count as a social outing.  You need to look presentable even when you don’t feel like it (just imagine if your ex saw you picking up Rocky Road and Triple fudge chocolate swirl ice cream).  You can start exercising to feel better about your physical self and you can continue going out with friends and family to help you feel better about your mental self.

Abstain from drugs and alcohol as a means to numb the pain.  They’re just not healthy and will, more often than not, cloud your judgment on how to deal with your ex especially if you want to get your ex back.  Here are some helpful resources you won't want to miss at http://www.breakupcures.com/GetExBack.php