Want Him Back – Are You Making These 3 Big Mistakes?

The loneliness that you feel is quite excruciating and all you want is to have him back in your life. Find out the common mistakes to avoid after a breakup.


When your boyfriend dumps you, it’s not unusual for you to feel like he made an error in judgment. The loneliness that you feel is quite excruciating and all you want is to have him back in your life.


If You Want Him Back in Your Life, it's Easier than you Know -


First thing you need to do is accept that what you are trying to accomplish will take time, patience and effort. Relationships don’t fail because of nothing. Something was amiss that he needed and wasn’t getting. He left you to find what he needed.


If you can find out what it was and use that to your advantage, you are beginning the process of winning him back. Even if you find out what was the problem, you can't just put on the charm, flip your hair and get him back. It’s going to take much more than that now.


Now that your attitude to achieve your goal, you need to know the following 3 big mistakes to avoid:


(1)  Not Giving Him the Space He Needed


First, thing you need to remember is that he dumped you so he obviously needed some space. Do not go out deliberately to find or call him to get near him. You want to stay away from him so he can have the time to miss you. Your ex can’t miss you if you are always around. The chances he’ll feel lonely are good just like you are feeling it too. If you think showering him with a lot of affection is good then just remember that you are achieving the exact opposite. It’ll drive him further away from your ultimate goal.


(2)  Let Him Have No Peace by Being Needy

Does this mean you completely ignore him too? No, if you must see or talk to each other due to circumstances then are civil with one another. However, do not get into any personal discussions. If you want a chance to get him back, make sure that he misses you by not letting him see you all the time.


It doesn’t matter if the breakup was hasty or made over time; give you a month for no contact. If you broke up during a fight, what he feels afterwards may make him regret that decision. He may come back but if he doesn’t then give yourself and him that month away.


(3)  Not Improving on Your Confidence and Self-Esteem


While you are away from him, lives like you don’t have a problem with him being gone. Live life independently. If he thinks you are doing well without him, it will make him want you again.


If you want to capture his attention, look good every time. This means your physical appearance and how you relate to other people. If you have an imperfection, fix it and then flaunt yourself. Go out with friends and have a good time. As time passes, you’ll find yourself having a good time without the need of forcing it. In this way, it helps easing the pain.


Make sure you go with friends where mutual friends of you and your ex hang out. If he finds out that you are getting all this attention from other men, it is likely to drive him nuts and he'll have second thoughts of you wanting him back. It doesn’t have to crawl back to you for you to be stuck in his mind. However, do not contact him until that month is up.


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