[Play by the Rules]

The WhiteVelvet Club & Spa is a private club for members of the "WHITE VELVET - PRIVATE CLUB & SPA" Group. By joining the Group you CONFIRM that you have READ and ACCEPT the RULES of the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa.

01. Teleport in, fully clothed (see Dress-code for rules) to not disturb the Experience. Feel free to undress afterwards.

02. No child avatars. Age-play is NOT tolerated! Any violation against this rule will result in a ban and you will be reported to Linden Labs.

03. No escorting. Please remove any tags that indicate such before arriving at the ::White Velvet - Private Club & Spa::

04. No bloodlines / bite requests.

05. No weapons. Don't wear any function / non functional weapons to protect the sensual illusion.

06. No talking body parts (Xcite! etc).

07. No heavy scripted items, titlers or attached pets.

08. Don't use particle effects or gestures of any kind.

09. The ::White Velvet Club & Spa:: is a human avatar club. Full animal/creature avatars are not allowed.

10. Wearing a masquerade mask signals others that you are OPEN for sexual encounters (no hockey or Halloween masks. Blindfolds are not considered as masks.

11. Respect others! Do not disturb those who are actively involved in having sex. Attempts to manipulate a couple's pose ball menu will result in a permanent ban.

12. Voice chat is appreciated. However please mind that we want to keep a relaxed environment so no shouting or arguing. Use direct call if you feel having a debate.

13. The ::White Velvet Club & Spa:: is a no fly zone and this is strictly enforced.

14. Being AFK for longer periods of time is generally not permitted. We reserve the right to remove you, if you are unresponsive to IMs sent by staff (in case the Sim being at maximum capacity).

15. No violent, abusive, humiliating role play in local, IM only.


To make the experience for you and our members as mesmerizing as possible, we ask everyone to accept the residential dress-code rules while arriving.
Feel free to undress afterwards!

:For Male Members of the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa
- Wearing a Suits or Vests is much appreciated.
- T-Shirts have to be worn under a jacket.
- Collared shirts, & Sweaters are acknowledged.
- Dress shoes / Laced up boots or pleasant sneakers are welcome.
- Nudity in the SPA is very much appreciated.

:For Female Members of the WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa
- Dresses, skirts, bodysuits, dress pants, lingerie, heels or bare-feet.
- Nudity in the SPA is very much appreciated.

:We dont accept
> Jeans or Denim wear
> T-Shirts alone
> Polo Shirts alone
> Worn or dirty shoes of any kind
> Biker wear & gear
> Worn or dirty leather pants
> Cargo or combat pants
> Baseball or ski caps
> Hoodies
> Bling
> Casual wear
> Baggy shorts / pants showing underwear at the waist
> Open shirts

Remember that respect and tolerance to other people is key to have an enjoyable stay at the .:WhiteVelvet - Private Club & Spa:.