How do British people feel about the Brexit Referendum results?


Hajira Irfan, I Study Everything In The News Down To The Last Speculation
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Terrible. The second I read those results, I feared for the future of my generation, I worried about University and travelling costs, worried for the economy and NHS. I got so angry at all the elderly people who voted leave as I felt they were allowing the younger generation to deal with the consequences of their irrational decision. (I know, it’s a selfish thought but I couldn’t help it.)

I got so angry with people who were gambling the younger generation’s future just because they hate the idea of any foreigner entering the country, I felt useless because I knew that most of the people voting hadn’t the faintest idea about what they were voting for. I felt so outraged at those who just voted leave because they are, as honestly as I can say this, a bunch of racist idiots who would much rather have their economy collapse than allow people from other EU countries into ours even when they help build up our economy!

I wanted to just drink tea and forget about the fact that we as a country have just lost something that many cherished so dearly. (Forgive my britishness.)

I felt as though I was literally robbed of my future, and that felt so unfair. Worst part is, that’s just how democracy works. People I know (including my own mum) voted leave, not because they agreed with the ideas of the Leave Campaign but because they’re friends were voting leave.

I got frustrated by the fact that the whole leave campaign reminds me of Trump’s political campaign and how Nigel Farage and Boris Johnson both should instead of saying that it’s the country for ‘decent people’ now, just say ‘white people’.

Lastly, I just want to make the point that despite probably knowing so much more than some who were allowed to vote, I couldn’t have a say for my own future but have to deal with the consequence of what others have picked for me?

Credit to this tweet that puts my frustration into a perfect sentence:

"Older generation have voted for a future that the younger generation do not want" is the scariest and saddest way to phrase this #EUref