Not a good match

She's dominant, I'm dominant.

But she's kinda spectacular. Brown-ish blonde, her hair is short. Just enough to grab a fistful. She has a couple of tattoos, on her inner arms. They're inscrutable squiggles to me. To her, they mean something.

Her eyes are, I think, green. But the whites around them is stellar, in the original sense of the word: a white that's so bright it would be blinding in any real quantity. Fortunately, her eyes aren't big enough for their bright whites to do any damage to anything other than my concentration.

Notwithstanding her stellar eyes, her smile, her mouth, is her most striking feature. She has a little stud in the space between her nose and her lip. That space must have a name, no? And a smile so big, so wide, so bright - her perfect teeth are whiter still than her eyes - that the stud frequently vanishes from perception.

Her breasts are little, perky. B-cups, I'd guess, though on the smaller end of B. Her nipples have little bars through them.

Her ass is full, meaty, more than a handful, but perfectly proportioned. And though she's not tall, her legs are long, lithe, toned.

Damn, she's sexy.

I'm hoping you'll read more about her. But that, alas, is up to her.