Funny video| Funny videos on YouTube| funny clips| New funny video| Turkey prepares to fly to the moon. This is a secret mission. Turkey will fly to the moon with Al Gore. One fart of that turkey will solve the problem of global warming. Yes, you read right. Al Gore believes turkey fart can save the planet. If this description sounds absurd, you probably have not seen the video. Prepare to see the video clip documents the preparations for the operation. It's not the only video of WallTrix channel. Let's put it this way: If there is now a billion videos online, it's one of the most original video channels. If you plan to see a video on the Internet, it's probably one of the video clips of WallTrix. Don't miss the madness that spreads on the net. If you still don't receive by email a video of WallTrix, it's just a matter of time. Turkeys maddening the internet with the most stupid videos.


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