View the Private Instagram Account in 3 Easy Steps

Private Instagram

Looking for How to View Private Instagram Account? Then, you are in the right place. To view a private Instagram profile is not rocket science. You just need to follow simple tips and tricks.


Instagram is gaining popularity all across the planet. Today it is the best platform to share photos and videos with millions of people. More than 1 billion users worldwide use it every month.


Instagram has become a favorite tool for bloggers, vloggers, and celebrities. It is also used for business and marketing purposes – mainly automotive, fashion, and travel brands.


However, some people concern about their privacy. Instagram provides the facility of keeping their account as public or private. If you want to View Private Profile then this article is beneficial for you.

Is there a way to See Private Instagram Profiles?

If you’ve been trying to figure out a way to see a private profile, you might have found a couple of apps that allow you to do so along the way. You probably have your reasons to do so that will justify your interest in this action which goes against Instagram’s privacy policy.


Some apps guarantee you’ll be able to see the content on private or otherwise locked profiles, however, we have found the right app after testing over 20 different Instagram.

How To View a Private Instagram Account in 3 easy steps

Enter Profile Username

Enter Username

This is the first step to view a private Instagram account. As you previously use Instagram then you must know about a profile or how to create an Instagram profile. So, in this step, you should have entered the username of your profile.

Hit The Start Viewer

Hit Start Viewer

After entering the username, click on the Start button to open the profile's decryption procedure.

View Results Online

View Result

After completing the above 2 steps, your target is going to achieve here. You are successfully log in to the private profiles of Instagram without breaking any policies.

How To View a Private Instagram Account

View Instagram Account

As we are all human creatures. We are always curious to view Private Instagram Profiles. Although it is not recommended, some people do it for a good purpose.


Well, that depends on what you use your IG for, and what you wish to achieve from it. If you are trying to hide your social life from your employers, families, or exes, then it would be best for you to have all of your social accounts hidden from public view, including IG.


However, if privacy isn’t a concern, and you don’t mind sharing the content you publish with the public at large, then there is no real need for any additional privacy or taking steps to “lockdown” your account from others.

Here are the best ways to View a Private Instagram Account


Instagram is one of the popular social media where people share photos, videos, and chitchat with family, friends, and colleagues but put the privacy to access it.


When you type in the username you are looking for, it'll open a screen with a log window that appears to be searching for the account and providing access. And for your first search, it works.


Instalooker has three key features, which make it unique from the rest. First, you don’t have to download it as an app as the provision isn’t there. This saves your time in getting the results on the given site. Secondly, you can spy on

See Your Instagram Profile very fast as it features a friendly view for you.


Once you have the specific site on your server, then you can go ahead and search for your target. Finally, this site is legal and secure in most countries. You won’t be breaking the law by using it. Insta Looker has three steps to getting the results. First, get the target right Instagram username, click on start view, and wait for two-three minutes.


There is a verification process to ensure you are not a robot. Finally, you can view the content from your target. Once you are satisfied and feel like you need the viewed photos or videos, press the ‘export all’ button and get the content for your offline use.


In conclusion, in this article, I mentioned the best ways to be able to view certain profiles that are using the private mode. Therefore, choose the one that you think is the fastest and most practical to view the hidden posts contained in private profiles.