What happens when Venus is in Aquarius?

As Venus cruises into Aquarius, it distances the native from all kinds of romantic relationships. People born under Aquarius are enigmatic and laid back. They are highly sociable people with traditional leanings. Below are the effects of Venus in Aquarius.



Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Aries

For Aries, the impact of Venus's transit to the eleventh house promises many opportunities to be stable financially and to materialize your career dreams. Business deals are struck, and you would get in touch with bigwigs. Your love life is at its exhilarating best. Health may be precarious. Spouse and relatives pitch in financially.


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Taurus

For Taurus, the effect of Venus's transit in Aquarius in your Tenth House will mean that you may need to focus more on work. The only shortcut to success is honest and hard work. See that you do not misbehave with women. Strictly avoid flirting. Avoid taking loans. Rest and work less. Take time out for a vacation to an appealing locale. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Gemini

Venus's transit in Aquarius into your ninth house signifies to travel, increased religious fervor, luck, and honor. Luck will favor you in completing the pending work. Financially you will experience stability. Students aiming at higher studies are in for good news. Love life will be very satisfying. Couples will travel to distant places and spend time together. Religious events are likely to be celebrated.



Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Cancer

The impact of Venus's transit in Aquarius into your eighth house would bring on sweeping changes like wish fulfillment. You will be forced to splurge unnecessarily during a vacation. Financially the ground may be shaky. Your relationship with your mother may go downhill. It would help if you were extra vigilant about your health. Family may be the reason for you to rejoice. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Leo

Effects of Venus Transit in Aquarius into the seventh house will show your prospering love life. Business deals will prove immensely profitable. You are in for promotions and incentives. Keep an eye on your health. Some issues may arise between spouses, with every likelihood of this leading to an extra-marital affair. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Virgo

The movement of Venus in the sixth house spells trouble. Your life will be characterized by struggles, diseases, and losses of the financial kind. It would help if you worked harder at setting things right. Getting into tiffs with females is risky. Trips and journeys indicate chances of getting injured. It would help if you tried to be independent and only rely on your hard work, according to Venus’s transit in Aquarius.



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Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Libra

According to Venus's transit in Aquarius into the fifth house, intellect and love would strengthen. For some, it is time to welcome your bundle of joy. Children will do their parents proud. Students will perform excellently in academics. Speculation brings profits. Love life would be pleasing and also check Love Compatibility. Recreational activities keep you fully engaged. Creative people get rewarded and appreciated. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Scorpio

Venus's impact in Aquarius in the fourth house blesses mothers amongst you with health and comforts. Household appliances would be purchased. People residing abroad will return to their homeland. Their spouse will shoulder the domestic burden equally with you. Professional success would add happiness to your life. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Sagittarius

Venus will transit to the third house. Short trips are indicated. Siblings will be affectionate. Social media channels bring good news. There will be happy reunions. You will cash in on your hobbies but overspend on them. You will be introduced to new people. Students must put in that extra hard work to succeed, as per the Effect of Venus in Aquarius. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Capricorn

As Venus reaches the second house, pending tasks will be completed. Goddess of wealth will favor you. Your communication will improve. Family functions, delicious treats, and financial stability are on the cards. Capricorns, in the family way, would be blessed with progeny. Partners will spend a merry time together as per Venus Transit in Aquarius. Your sharp intellect would help you make good financial decisions.  



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Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Aquarius

Venus arrives at the first house bringing boons of positivity with it. You enjoy inner peace and high energy in all your endeavors. Marital bliss will be experienced. The Impact of Venus Transit would allow people in business to reap benefits. 


Effect of Venus transit in Aquarius on Pisces

Venus' entry to Aquarius to the twelfth house results in mounting expenditures. Part of the expenditure is justifiable. Travel should be avoided. Health needs extra care and vigil. Siblings might go overseas for work-related projects, as per the effect of Venus transit in Aquarius. Rest is necessary, so is hard work. Watch your behavior with women.


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