Lilumia brush cleanser review

Fantastic approaches to use your cleansing brush

one. Makeup elimination

This one's pretty obvious, but here's how you can demonstrate to yourself that sonic cleansing is really well worth it. As Shehla instructed, I moist a single fifty percent of my face and employed a pea-sized volume of cleanser on the moist brush. "Move the gadget in slow circular motions to genuinely carry the makeup and flush the pores", she instructed, making use of light stress (don't thrust or push down around the pores and skin together with the device, since you'll interrupt the oscillations). Around the other half of my face I did a manual cleanse, getting rid of precisely the same cleanser with a cotton pad.

two. To acquire flawless make-up

As well as acing removal, by cleaning pre-makeup application, a sonic brush will help your foundation and concealer sit far better around the pores and skin.

three. Face mask improvement

All your skin care merchandise needs to be absorbed deeper right after sonic cleaning; so subsequent up using a mask is a great thought. Furthermore you can then use the brush to eliminate a typical cream or mud mask (which you may currently do).

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