- Trainers are named Dre and Kari
- The champion is Lillie who happens to be a reborn mew who died in the war 3000 years ago
- Grass, Normal, Fire, Ghost, Flying, Water, Steel, Ice
- Ghost gym is based in the lighthouse and at night the light is on and you can sometimes spot apparitions
Evil Team
- Team Windrose
- Based on ghost pirates and use Ghost, Psychic, Dark, and Water types
- They are searching for hidden treasure on the 4 islands and want to summon the legends to instil fear in people so they will surrender over their money and valuables
Post Game
- Like OrAs you can catch a bunch of legendaries... Xerneas/Yveltal, Reshirahm/Zekrom, Ho-oh/Lugia, and Groudon/Kyogre
- There is a story where you try to find the fifth ancient hidden treasure where you have to travel through an underwater cave to the Cerulean cave which is much bigger and in it you can catch a Mewtwo
New Pokemon
- Solgaleo is bulky with good special stats and Lunaala is the fastest box legendary at 150
- The 3rd legendary is Psychic/Dragon and there is a pixie trio wit the types Fairy/Grass, Fairy/Psychic, and Fairy/Ice
- Rowlet evolves into Trunket then Emparowl and remains Grass/Flying. It has 6 wings and tree roots for legs
- Litten evolves into Magmow then Obsiton and becomes a Fire/Rock sabre tooth tiger with obsidian armor
- Popplio evolves into Jestuid then Seaseisk and becomes a Water/Psychic Clown/Mermaid based off of the Happy/Sad mask
- There are 119 new Pokemon
- There are 2 dog Pokemon and one is named Stoppaw and has stop sign shapes spots
- Toxuck evolves into Duxic and is a Poison/Water duck line
- There is a Vampire Pokemon
- There is a geodude clone based off of Stalagmites and becomes Rock/Ice in its final evolution
- There is a Dragon/Ice Pseudo legendary that looks like its made of ice cubes
- There is a Ghost/Water line with the last evolution being named Fishraft who rivals Gyrados stat wise but switches Attack and Special Attack
- There are a few day/night exclusives and almost all of the Pokemon have their encounter rate changed based on wether it is day or night
- There are some new Pokemon who are also said to really mess with the meta. They started mentioning the types of these Pokemon. They are Fire, Fighting, Bug, and Poison types to name a few
New Evolutions (Normal Evolutions)
- Raticate, Marowak, Kecleon, Corsola, Donphan, Swalot, Claydol, Floatzel, Spiritomb, Lilligant, Ferrorthorn, Meowstick, and Barbaracle
New Mega Evolutions
- Feraligatr becomes Water/Flying, its spikes become red dragon wings and it gets an Attack and Speed boost. Typhlosion gets an Attack and Special Attack Boost and Meganium gets a Defence and Special Defence boost
- Mega Empoleon is really edgy, Infernape gets fat, and Torterra gets bigger
- Mega Vespiqueen is really sharp
- Also getting mega evolutions are... Shiftry, Crustle, Garbodor, Reniculus, Roserade, Ariados, Ninetails, Miltank, Cradily, Mismagius, Dugtrio, Porygon Z, Lickilicky, Archeops, Dusknoir, Hydreigon, and Genesect
- Customization returns and you can change in your room, Pokemon centres, and Slaking Motel rooms
- There is a gaming arcade where you buy coins with cash to play games and get tickets which you can use to get items, clothe, and Pokemon
- Something called Super Face-Off which is basically a rip off of the Pokemon World Tournament
- The Battle Frontier returns as a huge underwater facility
- Pokemon Amie is renamed Play Me and you can interact with multiple Pokemon at once. Pokemon can also interact with each other in real time
Battle Additions
- There are some new items said to mess with the meta
- 3 Trainer battles are now a thing and the battle against the champion is you, Lillie, and your rival meaning in order to become champion you must KO 12 Pokemon in total
- Early on you are given the "Integration Shard" which you use to achieve "Additive Integration". Basically if you have a fully evolved Pokemon ,and have reached a certain connection with them, you can go through this process which basically just changes the type of the Pokemon in a hidden power like manner. This means it is randomized. You can have a Greninja with an Additive Integration type of ground meaning it'll be ground type and have a ground type aura around the Pokemon. Almost everyone uses it. The gym leaders, Elite 4, Champion, Rival, and even a few trainers

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