- Seperated ROM Control from default build for more stock look (Can be downloaded)
- Changed OneUI 1.5 version to 1.0 in Settings
- Added option to install Samsung Bixby
- Added option to install Samsung Daily
- Added option to install Samsung Print Services
- Added option to install Galaxy bootlogo (from now stock one is default)
- Merged EdgeLightning+ into Edge features installation for proper work
- Fixed SystemUI crashes
- Fixed FineLock not getting install after selected
- Fixed not all FineLock apps getting installed after selected
- Fixed wrong measurements for network speed indicator
- Fixed External share not working in apps such as Facebook, etc.
- Fixed a video can't be set as wallpaper because of it's length
- Fixed delay for app switching
- Reduced RAM usage
- Improved perfomance and stability
- Improved battery life