Using coupelle menstruelle to your benefit

Today there is a lot of buzz regarding eco-friendly options to pads and tampons. Coupe menstruelle France is one such option available.

Today there is a lot of buzz regarding eco-friendly options to pads and tampons. Coupe menstruelle France is one such option available.


This is mainly a small and flexible cup which is made out of silicone or latex rubber. This cup catches and collects the menstrual fluid rather than absorbing your flow.

When you sense your menstrual flow, you should just insert the coupelle menstruelle into your vagina. When it is used in a right manner you will not feel anything. It will open up inside if you place it properly in your vagina. When you insert properly it will just stick in there. It will then collect all your menstrual fluid.

There are some of the cups that are disposable. Most of them can be used again only if you sanitize them properly and store them. Same like tampons there will be a stem at the base of the cup and it has to be pulled to bring it out. After this, you need to pinch the base for releasing the seal. Dispose the menstrual fluid under a running tap, clean the cup and you can use it. Once your menstruation cycle is over make sure you sanitize the cup well and only then store it.

You can very easily buy cup menstruelle. This is because you can purchase from online or over the counter at grocery and drug stores. First know the many benefits offered by these cups and only then start with the purchase:

Reasonable and environment safe: With one investment on these cups, you will be able to use it for ten years. You will not only save money but will also save the environment by not throwing any sanitary waste. One time use products will not offer you this benefit. You do not have to worry about changing for 12 hours. If you use sanitary napkins or tampons you will have to replace them at regular intervals as per your menstrual flow. However, this is not the case with these coupe menstruelle. Hence, they are good for overnight protection. Once you are acquainted with inserting it, there is no need for you to wear a backup pad or liner.

It has the capacity of holding more: A coupe menstruelle can hold around one ounce of liquid which is actual twice the amount in comparison to the tampons or pad. With these you can feel relaxed all days of your period.

There's less odor when you use these cups: One thing you need to know is that menstrual blood can begin to smell at the time it is exposed to air. However, the cup menstruelle forms an airtight seal which leads to fewer odors.

These cups are very safe: As compared to sanitary products available, coupe menstruelle France is secure. It does not absorb moisture and also does not cause the problem of TSS. You will not have skin complaints like that of other sanitary products.