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Use English-Based Phonetics - Truespel Phonetics


It’s time to switch to a simple English-based phonetic notation.  

ESL learners can use it for US English pronunciation. 

Kids can learn phonemic awareness easily.


ESL students prefer truespel http://justpaste.it/koreatrials They can read and WRITE phonetically

See http://justpaste.it./bv1 regarding the Invisible Dragon hurting all in literacy.

See http://justpaste.it./bv1 to see how easy it is to learn the 40 sounds of English.

See http://justpaste.it/ayk for youtube tutorials, especially what sounds each letter spells.

The free truespel phonetics converter is at http://truespel.com .

Truespel books are at http://tinyurl.com/3v2ekzn%20 .


From Thomas E. Zurinskas, Pres of Truespel Inc.

creator of truespel phonetics, the only English based phonetic notation


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