Use of Flatbeds in the Auto Transport Industry


The simplest form of auto transport carriers is the flatbed. This is a truck generally made for transporting all sorts of vehicles and cargo. With regards to the capacity, it is all dependent on the rating of the flatbed.


These are some of the characteristics and uses of flatbeds in the auto transport industry:


Larger versions are used extensively for oversized vehicles

The larger versions of flatbed carriers are used extensively for the transport of oversized vehicles that cannot be accommodated in specialized car hauling carriers.


Loading is made simpler

Loading flatbeds are really easy. Vehicles are driven to the flatbed by using heavy duty ramps. Aside from these ramps, there is no other specialized equipment needed. Most flatbeds have built in ramps for the loading. 


Capacity for car transport depends on the length of the bed

Mostly the capacity is held to one car per shipping, but if the bed is long, it may be able to carry 2. This is the simplest form of carriers and at times, no modifications are made for these types of trucks.


Only used for transports below 200 miles

Because of the limitations in capacity, flatbeds have limited range in the deliveries. Auto transport companies deal with the long distance deliveries though hauling large numbers of cars for efficiency reasons.


Open type carrier

The Flatbed is an open type carrier and it is not exclusively used in the auto transport industry. Flatbeds are also common in logistics for container vans and crates for general types of shipping.

Flatbeds modifications for use in vehicle shipping

The best flatbed modification for flatbeds when used in the vehicle shipping is the lowering of the bed. This is done to make loading easier and more efficient. This means ramps have lower heights and vehicles are loaded to a more favorable angle of elevation.