How to Build Your Self Esteem And Confident


Self Esteem is a very important topic for everybody. Everybody has their self-esteem. There is a need to develop self-esteem in today's age. There are some reasons which self-esteem getting low, reasons like social isolation, violence, bad marriages, lack of success, depression, conflict at the workplace.

It is necessary to find out the solution by pointing out their good traits. Many Psychologists says that we could give our children very high self-esteem by complimenting their good things and praising them for their activity. Psychologists use to tell that one can remember their good things done when they feel low self-esteem that will help in improving self-esteem. There are good things like what you like to do yourself, repeat the affirmation, acknowledge your good traits, etc.

Self-esteem is all about, internally guiding our self regarding how well we are doing socially; it is somewhat similar to an internal guide to the temperature. Here is an example which demonstrates lively, when sometimes you feel hot, at that time you used to take off clothes or open window. When you feel cold, you just bundle up. Sometimes you might go on repeating to yourself over and over again "I am feeling warm, I am feeling warm" there are better things to do with your time. You might just put on a sweater and get on with it. It is very useful to have an internal guide a feeling which lets you know what is happening in the surrounding world and which gives you some motivation to do something about it.

It is very true when you didn't get positive feedback from other people at that time you feel low self-esteem. What self-esteem need is acknowledgement, compliments, appreciation, we should be noticed and like by people around us.

There are some honest approaches to crate self-esteem high among people, giving honest and accurate feedback to children, spouses and employees are most important. Sometimes there are some things which you genuinely appreciate but it might do more good.

When it comes to building your self-esteem, it is necessary to change your behaviour. First of all, do your task well and treat other people well, you will feel good about yourself. Increase your value in the view of other people and to a workplace where you are working (low self-esteem triggers). Please do not do anything which didn't give any response you want. Your self-esteem rise as an accurate reflection of your abilities and where you deserve them.