Unnecessary and Harmful Use of General Anesthesia on Children, Teens and Adults

General anesthesia is steadily more and unnecessarily used on kids which result in children and teens getting neurologically, psycologically and physically injured.


By general anesthesia one aims to take away all consciousness and pain, usually by an anesthesia gas. One also paralyzes all muscles in the body, including those used by breathing, and gives artificial ventilation. A less deep anesthesia is so called deep sedation where pain and consciousness is taken away, but without paralyzing the breathing. Much of what is said in the following also holds for deep sedation.

The medication used for these purposes or medication used in addition also has the aim of impairing memory of what is done before an after the full effect of anethstesia.

The fact is that general anesthesia easily injures the brain of kids and teens or gives psychological impairments, a well-known and well researched fact that is generally not talken about for patients and the general public. The same is true when it is used on adults and elderly patients, but to a less degree in young adults.

The medication used for imparment of memory, will also usually create confusion with lasting effects.

In spite of this fact one steadily more use general anesthesia during procedures on kids and sometines on adults nowadays, when discomfort can be taken away more easily with other means. General anesthesia is often used during small surgeries or examinations that are not surgeries at all, for example examinations with advanced equipment.

Examples of such procedures are endoscopies in the urethra and bladder, inspections through the anal opening, vaginal inspections, small procedures in the skin like removal of lumps and birth marks, dental work, circumcission and radiological examinations. Also steadily more kids go through examinations under general anestesia by suspicion about sexual abuse, an usually undue suspicion by a paranoid society.

Many of the procedures done under general anesthesia is often or always unnecessary, like circumcission, tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy. Tonsillectomy can actually be performed with only local anesthesia, even though one is told that general anesthesia is necessary.

Most of these procedures can most of the time be performed with local anestkesia and a gentle approach. The fact is that the pain and fear during the induction process for general anesthesia and that due to the side effects afterwards will be worse than what will be experienced with the procedure only under local anestesia.

This means that a great percentage of the upgrowing population have got impairments due to general anesthesia ,including learning impairments.

One of the reasons general anesthesia is used so much on kids, is that the staff does not want that the kids and parents shall know details of the procedure, and tell about these to others, and because one often do things with the kids in addition to the surgery they do not want the kid and parents to know about.

One of these things are secret examinations of the intimate zones ordered by the child protective services. Another thing is using kids and adults for training of medical students. Students often train gynecological procedures on women under anesthesia, for example, and surely also pelvic endoscopies on kids. A third thing is using kids and adults for research, ir one steals tissue from kids for uses that is not for the good of the kid himslef.

If a procedure takes much longer time than expected, or one has strange symptoms in other parts of the body than that where surgery happens, something others has probably been done. Tonsil surgery takes around 1 hour, after which the patient should gradually wake up. This surgery is one of those where additionl things are most often done.

By Knut Holt

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