JustPaste.it Transparency Report 2019

We are proud to present to you our first Transparency Report for 2019.


What’s a Transparency Report?

A Transparency Report is a way for us to show you the amount of reports we receive from governments, trusted flaggers or users, and how we respond to them.


This Transparency Report covers data for actions taken in 2019.


Terms of Service enforcement (government)

We receive reports from governments and law enforcement agencies regarding content published on JustPaste.it that breaks our Terms of Service. Each time content is reviewed by us against our ToS and Polish law before taking action.


Most of the requests (>95%) are related to terrorism materials. We took action and blocked the content in over 98% of cases.


Total number of requests: 2571 (98% compliance)

Requests quantity by country:

  • EU - 2517
  • Russia - 35
  • Turkey - 19
  • India - 5


Terms of Service enforcement (non-government)

We also receive information about abusive content reported by trusted flaggers and regular users.



As a member of Hash Sharing Consortium we use anonymous identifiers of content that were shared by other companies to detect abusive materials on our platform. Moreover, some companies and users reports information about illegal content seen on JustPaste.it directly with us.


Each time content is reviewed by us against our Terms of Service and Polish law before taking action.


Total number of notes removed due to information from non-government sources: 8,418

(number above includes the same content counted many times if it was republished after removal)


Information requests (government)

As a strict general rule, JustPaste.it complies with legally binding orders issued by governments or law enforcement agencies that have been approved by Polish authorities or have been validated by Polish authorities to be in compliance with Polish law.


JustPaste.it is committed to maintaining user privacy and confidentiality. When we receive information requests, we carefully review each request to ensure it is valid, and that the requester is entitled to the data they seek.


In the event that we have questions about the legality of an order under Polish law, we always request further clarification from authorities. If doubts persist and the order appears not to be compliant with legal requirements, we will contest it to the extent permitted by law.


JustPaste.it may also sometimes act upon other types of requests. If presented with overwhelming evidence that the account or content in question is being used for illegal purposes against our Terms of Service, the offending content will be suspended immediately. Legality is assessed on Polish law.


Total requests: 15 (in 9 cases information was disclosed)



Transparency to users should be a norm, so people can better determine how platforms keep their users safe. As we mentioned, this is our first time creating a Transparency Report.


We plan to publish these reports regularly!