Tplinkrepeater.net is the default web address for accessing the tp link repeater's web interface. You'll be able to browse your extender's settings and see how many devices are connected to your network once you've completed the Tplink repeater login steps.Tplinkrepeater.net can be used to access the Tplink repeater setup website and configure the extended network. Tplinkrepeater.net improves your wireless network's overall strength. Tplinkrepeater.net may be set up in two ways: manually or using WPS. If you wish to log into Tplinkrepeater.net, open a browser and type Tplinkrepeater.net into the address bar. You'll see a Tplinkrepeater.net login window open, and you'll need to put in the relevant information in the forms. If you encounter an error while setting up or logging onto Tplinkrepeater.net, please contact our support team, who will assist you in resolving your Tplinkrepeater.net issue.