Top ways to celebrate Halloween in London

Halloween is always celebrated with lots of fun and spooky delights. With Halloween fast approaching, we have for you all the fun things that you can to do in the big city of London, in order to make it a truly memorable one. Is this your first time in the city? Then, you are in for a spooky treat this Halloween. There are a whole lot of Halloween events set to take place.

Gear up and prepare yourself for all the spooks and the goosebumps that are sure to scare the daylights out of you and get you coming back for creepier thrills. So carve your pumpkin lanterns and light them up at your entrance, then set out to enjoy more Halloween thrills. Read on to know more about them.

  • Sit down for dinner at a haunted Medieval banquet:

Quite scary isn't it, to be seated alongside ghosts of the past as you eat your dinner? You'll probably be choking down on your food and drinking numerous glasses of water than eating a regular dinner! This haunted medieval dinner is all set to be hosted at the Ivory House at St. Katherine's Dock. It will be held for four days from 26th October to 30th October. Dress up in a scary costume and sit at the dining table and dine with King Henry and other Royal ghosts for just twenty-five pounds.

Peep into his closet and encounter his skeleton treasures. Eat a sumptuous 4 course Halloween dinner as you are introduced to his dead wife and personal household employees. Later on a sample, the special witches brew that is served in front of you.

  • Play Halloween themed games at the magical Vegas:

Celebrate Halloween this season with spooky surroundings and ambiance, as you play the online Halloween themed games at the online casino – magical Vegas. Cover up your bedroom windows and bed with ghostly curtains and bedsheets and sit glued to your smoke screen computers playing your game. What better way than to celebrate Halloween than the perfect surroundings to give you the creeps while you play rounds of casino games.

Nothing is more thrilling for gaming freaks out there. This gives you the unique creepy thrills and a fun way to celebrate Halloween in the comforts of your own home.

Check out their set of Halloween games this season and play them all. Some of the most popular ones are Wild Blood, Blood Suckers, Coyote Moon, Lost Vegas, Day of the Dead, Grim Muerto, Black Widow, Zombies, Scatter Brains, Mythic Maiden and lots more.

  • Horror Films in London's theatres:

With Halloween fast approaching, many of us are making plans to catch up on some of the scariest Halloween movies. Join up with family and friends to watch some of the most bone-chilling flicks that get you waiting for the next scenes with baited breath. These movies look even creepier on the big screen.

So head out to London's theatres or even better to the Open-air theatres with large screens. Get seats quite near to the theatre screens and relax back all geared up for your spooky ride to Hell and back.

Some of the most popular horror films are the little shop of horrors, chills in the Chapel, teen horror pajama party, under the shadow, the Mist, the shinning, all-nighter horror films, Nosferatu, and several others.

The little shop of horrors is screened at the Farmopolis, located on the Greenwich Peninsula. There is no place as spookier than the Fabio Frizzi chapel designed in the gothic style, which screens the Chills in the Chapel. Dress up for a whole night of creepy shows at the Electric located at Notting Hill, and teen horror flicks and pajama party at Prince Charles.

Relax at the Montcalm Marble Arch and then head out for an evening of ice creams, hot dogs, and horror films.

  • Murky concoctions and cocktails:

Most of the local bars and pubs in the city of London treats tourists and visitors with a whole range of strange cocktail delights like the witch blood, bloody Mary, pumpkin cocktails, zombie smoothies, Scarlet cocktail, and lots more. You can either get them at the local bars or if you are looking out for a classier way to celebrate Halloween, then head out to the London's Luxury Hotels

The best place to sample Pumpkin Cocktails is at the Bluebird in Chelsea. You get delicious zombie smoothie, Alien Blood Martini at the Hotel Café Royal.

  • Weird Halloween Food dishes:

Indulge in weird looking and delicious Halloween cuisine at some of the top 5 star hotels in London. From spooky Halloween pumpkins to dig your fangs into to hot dark Halloween chocolate specials. Bite into Pumpkin waffles and Ghoulish specials at the dirty bones, Casper and spider cupcakes at the Hotel Café Royale located on Regent's Street. Slurp up white chocolate gelato, shattered sugar glass, salted and messy fudge, and the strawberry blood sprinkled all over.

Drink up ‘toil and trouble' which is a specialty of Scarlet and Loop bars. It is served in a cauldron with sticky looking worms brimming on the top. You can get it at the Upper St. Martin lane.

The other popular spot serving strange Halloween cocktails specials is the Hoxton Square Bar & Kitchen.

  • Visit the creepy batty zoo:

There is no place as creepier as the Whipsnade Zoo in London, during the Halloween season. They host a special Halloween party amidst all the creepy and scary looking creatures, insects and animals that roam the earth. Celebrate Halloween this year with these friends in the wilds of the Whipsnade Zoo.

Take your children to the Ghoul school where they learn how to preserve and mummies dead several centuries ago. They even get to meet a few of them in person. Learn how to stir up and brew witches cauldrons with bubbling wicked looking concoctions and concoct Portions.

Carve scary masks and pumpkins at the Bat caves to parade on the streets and lanes on Halloween's eve.