Top Ten Color Tools for Creating Outstanding Designs

When you want to create a color scheme which is necessary for a good design. You need to gather some really nice tools which will assist you in selecting the color of your choice. Web is full of color scheme tools which promise you to reach color nirvana. Not all the tools are created the same, and many more than basic rip-offs of the more popular or useful offerings.

For making things easier, this article will help you in knowing about the top ten color tools for the creation of outstanding unique designs.

  1. Adobe Color CC

Adobe has given another name to color known as Kuler. But some people still know it by its previous name Adobe Kuler. Adobe has also recently renamed its very popular app which has graduated from simple web-based tool to fully-fledged theme generation and sharing resource known as Adobe Color CC.

But its essential nature has not changed, Color CC helps you in trying out, creating and saving a different type of color schemes, each of which consists of five colors. It is available in browser-hosted variants and in desktop versions. If you are using the desktop version, you can export color scheme into Illustrator, In Design and Photoshop.

  1. Mud cube Color Sphere

If you are not sure about your color scheme, Mud cube has selection of themes to choose from the Mud cube color sphere is handy little color resource for designers in that it provides the hex numbers for each color, it also helps you in developing a color scheme from one selected shade. Mud cube provides selection of themes from drop-down menu.

  1. Check my Colors

You can check the color of my resource and make sure that you are using the right color combination in your web design with this useful tool. This is a useful web designer tool which is designed for checking the background color and foreground combinations of all DOM elements for the determination if they will be able to provide enough contrast which is when viewed by someone having color deficits.

  1. The Color App

Most of the sample colors find out their RGB, HSLA and Hex with this app which helps in finding colors easily with color grid for utilizing full screen. It also slows you to find out RGB, HSLA and Hex values and the creation of color palettes for seeing them work together.

  1. Color Hunter

Color Hunter helps in choosing color palette of your selected image. Color Hunter is really useful tool which is used for finding a specific color. You can also find an image that enters into Color Hunter, the tool will help in the creation of color palette from your selected image. It is a great way for the development of your own color theme.

  1. TinEye

If you are looking for exact color, you can easily enter the hex number in URL. Website utilizes database of 10 million creative commons images for exploring color combinations. It is the fastest way for getting free images in perfect color combination and it is also a fascinating designed tool which can be used easily.

  1. Color

Color helps you in finding the perfect color by moving around your mouse which then gives you all important color hex code. It is an app which helps you in becoming a perfectionist when it comes to getting the color just right. This sites provides you with all important hex code for your projects. It is also one of the simplest tool ever used.

  1. com

Spy color is handy free service for finding color information. is a free service which provides information regarding any color, which includes conversions to different color models. There is a range of schemes including complementary, triadic, tetadic, five-tone clash, monochromatic colors and analogous founds on each and every color page.

  1. Designspiration

Designspiration will help in generating display image with one of your selected color combinations. You can select up to five hues from useful full-page palette which provides you the opportunity to see what colors you are looking at. You can click on the displayed images continuously and images can be saved to your collections on site.

  1. Color Explorer

This is one of the most in-depth tools which are available on web, thus offering broad range of tools to customize, design and analyze your color palettes. There are various tools which help you in determining the WCAG validity of your color choices, conversion tools help you in moving between different systems, also whole suite of palette and picker generation tools.

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