Top 4 entertainment places in Jeddah for children

Jeddah is known as the religious hub for our Muslim friends. Being one of the most visited cities in the world, Jeddah definitely is also one of the biggest shopper’s markets in the world with the availability of well-known international brands in clothing, accessories, footwear and even food! However, tourism in Jeddah (السياحة في جدة) has led to a wide rise and development of entertainment centers and venues in the city. Today, we are going to look at some of the best entertainment venue in Jeddah (افضل مكان ترفيهي جدة) where you can take your kids and have a blast!

1. Al-Shallal Theme Park: The Al-Shallal Theme Park is a place that provides a beautiful place for the whole family to entertain and spend a leisurely day! Some of the amazing games that adults/teenagers and children can enjoy is the very well known Amazon wood roller coaster and the bowling hall. It has a variety of leisure areas with beautiful landscapes exotic restaurants and a lake.

This place is a tourist attractor in Jeddah as it attracts thousands of pilgrims and tourists all year because of its games, programs and activities along with other entertainment facilities such as the auditorium, theatres and education facilities.

2. Atallah Happy Land Theme Park: Being the oldest and the most elegant and the best entertainment venue in Jeddah (افضل مكان ترفيهي جدة), Atallah Happy Land Theme Park is spread over 45,000 square meters with an outstanding view of the Red Sea.

Atallah was founded in 1986, renewed in 2008 and reopened in 2010; it plans on becoming the best attraction in Jeddah when it comes to the entertainment of the family as a whole. With a separate section of rides for kids aged between 3 to 7 years and a thrilling action zone for adults, this theme park is a well worth attractor of a great amount of Tourism in Jeddah (السياحة في جدة).

With added rides like a water boat, roller coaster, merry-go round, bouncing ride and the giant wheel, Atallah Happy Land theme park is well on its way to becoming the best entertainment venue in Jeddah (افضل مكان ترفيهي جدة).

3. Chuck-E-Cheese: Having one of the outstanding views of the red sea, Chuck-E-Cheese is located right near the Jeddah Corniche on a 60,000 Square meters area. it has occupied a two story building that offers approximately 220 games for 400 participants at any given time. The family can make a day out of it and visit Chuck-E-Cheese and enjoy some of the amazing diving games and rides, the huge Sky Tube, Toddler Zone and Studio C. Some of the indoor arcade attractions include Bumper Car Raceway, Airplane ride, Camel race, bowling, ice skating and the memorable Carousel Ride.

4. Funtimes: As the best entertainment venue in Jeddah (افضل مكان ترفيهي جدة) at the Red Sea, Funtimes tilts its attention more towards the entertainment of children. It offers a variety of rides for small kids ranging from small roller coasters, bumper cars, a merry go round and a lot of electronic games. Along with games, Funtimes also has a number of small food stalls that sell food items like Pizza, sandwiches and donuts.

Being in Jeddah, one should definitely visit these entertainment venues with their family and see the fun side of Jeddah along with the religious side of it.