Top 10 Holiday Lip Picks for 06 (and under $20!)

What to get her, what to get her?something fun, something unique, something she?ll use, and something from a boutique. Lipple (a cross of little and lip) stocking stuffers abound this year with lip wear gifts under $20 that are sure to please and most include shipping. Don?t want to break the bank, but look like you did? Get the ultimate of gifts with much-needed winter lip wear.

Glosses, tints, pots, balms, butters and more are everywhere. How do you choose which one? That depends a lot on who you?re buying for, but going with her personality will help a lot in determining which one she?d love.

Need a little guidance? Help is on the way! Here are my picks for this year?s Holiday Season.

#1 ? For the gal who has everything, something unique is sure to please. You want to let her know that you thought long and hard about what to get her and that you aim to please. Jaqua?s Pink Buttercream Frosting Lip Whip would be a great choice!

#2 ? We know plenty of ladies who are dieting don?t we? Although we often wonder why, we still want to show them we respect their choice of no longer diving into milkshakes and birthday cakes at every opportunity. You can do this by grabbing them lip wear that sure to stay on the lips and not on the hips! This lady in your life needs Bag Lunch Co.?s Birthday Cake Lip Balm. Don?t think that?s a great choice for the Holidays? Try a tube of Body Bakery?s Dutch Chocolate Cake Lip Butter. Yep, that?ll do it. - Birthday Cake Lip Balm- $4 - Dutch Chocolate Cake Lip Butter - $4

#3 ? The coffee lover girlfriend. Gourmet coffee is sure to please especially if she can keep it in her purse and never have to worry about spilling a drop on her shirt (not to mention the $4-$5 a splurge). Crazy Rumors? Perk ? Mocha Latte is calling her name. For $4 a tube, you just can?t beat it.

#4 ? Sassy n? Spicy girls just love items that reflect them. For these non-forgettable friends we have Mad Gab?s Cinnamon Lip Lube. - Cinnamon Lip Lube - $3

#5 ? We all have a girlfriend that pops into mind when we think of ?Girls Night Out!? These ladies are classy, hip, and the definition of fun. For them, we?ve chosen Pina Colada Lip Balm or if that?s just not hitting it, N.Y. Appletini will do it. - Pina Colada - $3 - N.Y. Appletini - $4

#6 ? Pampering Beauty. Know a gal that needs a reason to pamper herself? Secure her a couple of minutes alone with our pampered lip pick: Luscious Lip Mask by Raw Beauty. - $9.50

#7 ? Getting enough sleep is essential to everyone?s well-being (especially if you?re around the person who isn?t) and if you?re looking for the perfect bedtime balm to help her get some much-needed zzzzz?s, our pick for night lip care with a touch of scent is Lavendar Lullabyzzz by Body Bakery. - $6

#8 ? Not so in love with the Holidays girlfriend. These ladies, while we love them dearly, may not feel that the Holiday Season is all its cracked up to be. For them, we?ve chosen a timeless, yet classic selection of fruity flavored lip wear. Nothing fancy, but enough to say that you care (and oh-so-subtly spread some Holiday cheer her way.) Blueberry Moose Smooch is sure to brighten anyone?s day. - $3

#9 ? Some girlfriends are just not that excited about food-scented lip balms. Let?s face it, we?re all different and that?s what makes us unique. For those on your list that will love a little lip lift, but perhaps not in bakery or flowery scents, we?ve chosen an aromatic fresh spearmint lube that she?s sure to love. - $3

#10 ? Last, but not least there has to be something unique and stocking-tuckable for little lips as well. Alley Katz has it goin? on this year with their notebook lip glosses for girls and tweens. A must-have for the growing diva in any family. - $9.50


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