To Win Back His Heart – Some Strategies That Works

How do you win back his heart after a breakup? You have a choice to win him back or you choose to let him go.


You can choose to win back his heart or choose to let him go, the choice is yours. A woman’s self-respect and esteem suffers a lot after a breakup. Many women whose self-esteem solely depended on a man’s love that they forget to keep a tight rein on their own identity. Before they know it, they are firmly in the grasp of their beloved and when the breakup finally arrives, they suffer from depression and even having suicidal thoughts. Ladies, don’t let your self-respect plummet as a result of a breakup.  Win back your man, win his heart back. But how do you win him back?


Love Yourself


Although this may sound crazy but each time you face the mirror, tell yourself that you are beautiful. This is like a positive thinking mantra that once you internalize, it will become true. You should also look at making yourself beautiful from the inside out.  If you have gained some weight, troop to the gym. Exercising is a great way for you to forget about depression and help you get back in shape. If you get depressed and you suddenly found yourself a couch potato, resist the urge and muster enough courage and motivation for you to look after your beauty and your situation.


Go out with friends and party


Enjoy yourself as you are nursing your emotional wounds and pain. In doing so, you are affirming yourself and giving yourself time to recover from the initial shock of the breakup. By going out with friends, you are also sending the signal to your ex-boyfriend that you are recovering from the breakup without him.


Boost your confidence


Try something you’ve never done before. Dabble in poetry, write articles, and start learning a musical instrument. This way, your time will be occupied with fruitful pursuits and you start developing social contacts again. You would know your ex-boyfriend well so these pursuits of yours will tell him that you are being independent and strong.


Reverse Psychology


When he tries to get in touch with you, welcome him back but do not cling on to him like crazy, give him room to do things that he want and in this way they will no doubt appreciate your maturity.  Also do not give in right away to his advances. This will give him the message that you are over him and that you have become stronger with the breakup. His response would be a little frustrated but he will be up to the challenge of pursuing you. You see, guys would love to pursue a woman who is independent and strong.


If you have common friends, they would probably start inviting you to places where you will likely meet your ex-boyfriend, go with them. Your boyfriend will then start looking at the change in you and in no time, he will be lavishing you with the attention that you deserve. When you show him that you are strong and that you are independent, these strategies are enough to win back his heart.


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