Tirumeni My workout mate: Journey from 72 kg to 50 kg.

Workout Routine App - Tirumeni is the best in fitness apps category in android.

Workout Routine App - Tirumeni is the best in fitness apps category in android.


There was a time when I think I was the most cute and chubby girl on this earth. I was 3 years old, everyone used to love me because of my cute chubbiness. After that I went to school, teachers and other seniors do the same, they touch my cheeks and say so cute golumolu bacha. Everyone in home and school used to offer me chocolates, toffees, other snacks and without giving a single thought I used to eat them.

But slowly that golden period passed away and as I started growing, my friends and every other person started bulling me and from the cute golumolu bacha my nick name now become moti. Sometimes I feel bad, now my parents also poke me every time I eat something extra.

But still how much a girl studying in school can understand. After finishing the school, for perusing further studies I took admission in college. School was over but my nick name was not leaving me. Same happened in college, now I actually feel bad and seeing other girls wearing best outfits I feel very jealous. I made many friends in college and Isha was my best friend. One day I was very upset and told her everything that I was going through.

She asked me to come to the park so that we can find some solution and she can change my mood. She was real angel to me. She told me that one of her aunt uses a fitness app “Tirumeni My workout mate”, she has already installed the application and after knowing about the benefits I was so happy and full of enthusiasm that yes, by sitting at my home I can now begin with my workout routine and can reduce my weight.

Without giving a single thought I installed the best fitness app on my android and I was amazed I got personal 3-D animated trainer just like real gym trainer and I can watch 100+ videos and lots of pre made exercises. There were different levels of exercises, I started with basic exercise. The trainer taught me many different ways to do individual workout.

This app was a real miracle, by doing daily exercises and doing some control over my diet I literally started to lose weight. In the beginning it was too hard for me but as I can start with these exercises as per my convince I was so relieved and my passion of reducing weight and with the help of this miracle fitness app now nothing seems impossible to me.

What I loved the most about this app is: Tirumeni continuously update their app with many pre made exercises and exercise videos. Another innovative feature is: Now tracking the body statistics by regular workout is very easy with Tirumeni virtual fitness buddy. This fitness buddy acts as calorie counter to log and count the calories that you have burnt while your workout.

Now I work in MNC in Delhi, and everyone get surprise if I show my school picture to them. I reduced from 72 kg to 50kg.