Tips to Stop Mold from Growing in Your Home

Mold can cause odors, sickness, and damage in your home. Learn how to avoid mold with these tips.


Many homeowners in Palm Coast, Florida know that finding mold indoors is a common occurrence. Spores from the outdoors find their way inside and land on everything from clothes and shoes to furniture, bedding and carpets. The first defense in Florida against mold spores is to do regular house cleaning- basics like vacuuming, mopping, and cleaning bathrooms and other damp areas will help to regulate the amount of mold in a home. Of course, cleaning areas where there is a visible build-up of mold right away is a vital step toward keeping sanitary conditions.

Sometimes, large scale buildups of mold will appear in your Florida home. In Palm Coast, these outbreaks are most likely when there has been excessive humidity, flooding, or if there is an area in the home that is particularly damp for a long period. Once mold has started to grow indoors, it leads to airborne spores that can move throughout the home and cause even larger growths- particularly in damp areas of the home like basements, crawl spaces, and bathrooms.
Once mold starts to flourish in a home, it will begin to damage your house. Furniture, carpets, bedding, clothing and cabinetry can all fall victim to Florida mold. If left uncontrolled for long enough, even the structure of your home can be at risk- Palm Coast homeowners have lost their entire homes due to an overabundance of mold. There is no way to keep all mold spores out of your home, but in Florida, there are a few things that will help- regular house cleaning and keeping damp areas dry will prevent the majority of large scale growth and the resulting damage to houses and possessions.

Of course, your home isn't the only thing that is at risk from mold damage. People are exposed to mold in Palm Coast every day, and like the majority of Florida residents, it generally isn't a problem. However, for some people, mold can cause health issues ranging from the mild to the very serious.

The most common health issue related to mold is allergies, or allergic reactions. Other people in Florida experience infections, irritations, or even toxigenic effects that can lead to far more serious health consequences. Any Florida resident who experiences wheezing, respiratory symptoms (like difficulty breathing or shortness of breath), irritated eyes, nose or throat or headaches and a tired feeling should consult a doctor right away.

Taking precautions like adding extra insulation to cold areas where water may collect, adding a de-humidifier, and installing a moisture sensor are all ways to protect your home and health from the dangerous effects of Palm Coast mold. Florida is a beautiful place to live, don't let mold ruin your day!

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