Tips to help prevent leakages while sleeping

Worried about staining your pyjamas or your bedsheets when you are planning to fall asleep during your periods? Check out these tips to help you steer clear of such accidents.


With all your night time rituals done, you decide to turn in for the night! You make sure that the temperature of your room is perfect for a comfortable night’s sleep and you lie down, waiting for sleep to take you! However, what comes is anxiety and worry! This is the state most of us are in when we are on our periods and our getting ready to get our deserved 8 hours of sleep!


How many times have you stayed awake thinking and fearing that leakages will occur when you do fall asleep! As a result, your sleep cycle gets affected adversely! However, there are plenty of things that you can keep in mind to help you sleep soundlessly through the night without worrying much about any kind of leakages! Have a look.


Winging it

A majority of the women pads available in the market nowadays essentially are manufacture with wings on them. When compared to normal sanitary pads, the pads that have been manufacture with wings on them have definitely been known to stay in place, even when you are at your most active, in the best way possible!


We do not know, whislt asleep, how often we toss and turn! This results in the shifting of your undies when you are busy moving around when sleeping. The wings on the pads help wrap themselves around the undies in a secure manner, thus enabling it to move with the undies and thus protecting your undies from getting stained on the sides as well. Another amazing property of the menstrual pads available nowadays is the fact that they end up turning liquid into gel, thus putting a full-stop, to a great-extent, to any potential leakages.


Overnight Pads

This could very well be one of the most common and obvious decision you can make when you decide to go pick up a sanitary pads for yourself. The market is abundant with a variety of pads, and the availability of even anti-bacterial sanitary pads that are specifically made to give comfort to women during the night time, is not rare.


You see, these overnight pads are more often than not longer in length with a wider back support, thus giving one ample protection and coverage in all the right angles and places. Thanks to the wider back portion of the pads, you can literally sleep in any position and rest assured that leakages are bygone!


Change prior to going to bed

A lot of you might debate on this topic that you haven’t changed your pad long before you are about to head to bed or that they are not even soiled enough for you to change it in the first place. However, what you need to know about this pointer is this; when you do decide to change your pad prior to falling asleep is that the new pad will definitely have more potential for maximum absorption. As a result of this, the need to get up in the middle of the night in order to change your pad rarely will ever arise.    


Most of the overnight menstrual pads mentioned above offer you close to 8 hours of absorption. However, always remember that this time also depends on the kind of flow that you are having. So, the next time you are about to head to your bed, change into a new pad!



Tampons might just be your best friend when it comes to helping you avoid leakages at night. Since tampons are essentially worn inside the vagina, the chances of you coming face to face with any kind of leakages barely arises. Tampons can easily be worn for around 8 hours. However, this will also depend on the brand and the kind of flow you are having.


If you are unsure about wearing a tampon and are still worried about leakages, use a pantyliners in order to catch any stray blots that might escape the tampon. However, if you are someone who ends up sleeping for long hours, the usage of tampons should be avoided as, if not changed regularly, they will end up causing potentially deadly infections. In such a situation, overnight pads will definitely be solace.


Slow and Steady

When using an overnight pad whilst sleeping, it is always advised that you get up slowly in the morning. You see, since you are lying down to sleep, thanks to gravity, the blood from your uterus would have collected in your vagina instead of coming out onto the pad. So, understandably, when you do get up, all the blood that has collected in the vagina will come out in a gush increasing the chances of leakage. This is why getting up slowly is advised.


These are some of the tips that might help you steer clear of leakages at night that you might face ! We sure hope they help!