Tips to Create Business Anniversary Slideshow

An anniversary is a time to celebrate another year that has come and gone. For businesses of any kind, anniversaries are momentous occasions and celebrations of successful completion of years of solidarity or productivity. Creating a business anniversary slideshow with vibrant ideas can help you celebrate this milestone event in a grand and remarkable way.

Why to Create Business Anniversary Slideshow

Creating an anniversary slideshow with slideshow builder like PowerPoint and playing it during the anniversary party or show performance can be a good chance to tell the history of the company from its inception to present day. According to my experience, such a timeline inspires nostalgia in older employees and encourages newer employees to contribute to the company's legacy.

How to Create Business Anniversary Slideshow

Step1: Plan an outline
Before starting to make the video slideshow with PowerPoint, you need to draw an outline in your mind with what to put into the slideshow, how to arrange the content in the slideshow, and what video effect do you want to get from the slideshow. This can help you finish creating your video slideshow with efficiency.


Step2: Gather materials for the anniversary slideshow
After you have sketched an outline for the video, you need to collect all materials that are needed, such as photographs, video clips and background music. Dig through your archives to find old milestone sales transaction, photos from different time period, old sample products or equipments belong to the early stage of the company. Ask employees to talk about their memories and discuss the direction the company is heading, and then take it as video clips. Search some powerful and grand background music which can make your slideshow inspiring and encouraging.


Step3: Start to create the anniversary slideshow with PowerPoint
Since all things are ready now, you can make the video slideshow with PowerPoint. According to the outline, put all the elements you want to add to PowerPoint in sequence. After that, you can modify the visual effect of the things you added, such as the photo shape, character font, transition time, and animation of each object.


Step4: Burn the PowerPoint slideshow onto DVD
The last step of creating this company timeline anniversary slideshow is to burn it onto DVD disc with a PowerPoint to DVD converter to show at the party. In addition, you can burn more copies and share them with each of your colleagues as a memento.

anniversary slideshow

There are more tips for you to host a gorgeous business anniversary:

  • -Throwing an employee appreciation party in honor of the employees who have kept hard working and perseverance through good and bad times. Offer a meal, play games, hand out awards to special employees.
  • - Offering a special anniversary sale like discounts, gifts and incentives, so that more customers will be inclined to come to the anniversary event to buy products and services.
  • - Designing a special anniversary logo and creating small and personalized memoirs gifts like calendars, coffee mugs, T-shirts, and mouse pads with the logo covered.


A great business anniversary celebration is a powerful marketing strategy and helps company promote its business for a long term success. An anniversary slideshow is an extraordinary idea to spice up your business anniversary party. Give it a shot!