Tips on Understanding the System behind the Australia Immigration Points

Passing the Skilled Points Test is one of the major requirements before proceeding with the Australia visa application. This specific test is considered a part of the pre-qualification routines conducted by the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship. Together with the skills basic requirements and the nomination of an occupation from the Skilled Occupation List, attaining the required number of points for each visa subclasses will mean qualification for the application of the Australian visa. Again, this test does not guarantee you the right or privilege of immigrating to Australia. This can only be considered as step one of about ten on the skilled migration Australia overall process.



What is the Skilled Points Test?


The Skilled Points Test consists 11 major categories. Each category is further subdivided into subcategories that have equivalent points. The categories that have higher equivalent points are the skill, age and language points test. The points for specific work experience, Australian work experience, Australian qualifications, nomination and designated area sponsorship falls between 5 to 25 points. The regional study, partner skills and designated language all have 5 equivalent points each. The method of computing your overall points is simple. All the points that you gained from each category will be added and verified against the passing marks. If you attained the minimum points required, you will then qualify for the skilled Australian visa application.


There are six subclasses under the original skilled migration Australia visa point test. Each, as previously mentioned, have their equivalent total passing points. The two Skilled Independent subclasses, subclass 175 and subclass 885, have 120 points passing marks. Skilled Sponsored and Skilled Regional Sponsored, having two subclasses each, have 100 points passing marks.



The Skilled Points Test versus the New Points Test


However, the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship just recently released the New Points Test as replacement to the old Skilled Points Test. The six major subclasses are now reduced to three Australian visa subclasses each having 65 points passing marks. These subclasses are the Skilled Independent, Skilled Sponsored and Skilled Regional Sponsored.   There is not so much change made on the major categories for point test except for the addition of the completion for a professional year. Since the passing point mark is now 65, the equivalent points for these categories were slightly decreased also.



Skilled Migration Overall Skilled Visa Basic Requirements


You may want to ask on why all the Australian visa subclasses are given with such passing marks, which are all 65 on the New Points Test. As answer to that, this is basically the set standard of the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship for basic eligibility requirement on Australian visas. Always keep in mind that the Skilled Points Test or New Points Test is just one of the four major Australia visa requirements. Be confident enough that there is a great chance that you will pass this test.


And so what are the other three tests? They are the Critical Skills List, Skilled Occupation List and the Basic Requirements which are also part of the Skilled Point Test. Do not be confused that the purpose of the two mentioned lists is to be able to determine if your current skills are currently needed by the Australian government. To clarify, the Critical Skills List contains the current in demand professions in Australia. If your profession is not on the list, then you will not qualify and proceed with the next steps of the Australia visa application process. Your skills will be matched with the job openings or vacant occupations that are listed on the Skilled Occupation List.  You will be asked to nominate an occupation, with equivalent points, on the Skilled Points Test. The same computation applies in order to determine if you will pass the required overall points.



Why Do You Need to Take an Australian Skilled Visa Assessment?


There are some Australian visa online agencies that are giving their so-called Australian Skilled Visa Assessment. This is a just a dry-run but the result, when interpreted, can be probably closer when you take the true Skilled Points Test from the Australian General Skilled Migration committee which is under the Australia Department of Immigration and Citizenship.


Take the assessment exam in order to know if you pass or fail. There are two things that you need to understand when taking the true Skilled Points Test. If you passed, you will proceed with the next processes of the skilled migration Australia. If you failed, it doesn’t mean that the opportunity to live and work in Australia is permanently close for you. Find rooms for improvement on the different categories and seek a way to meet the requirements. If you think you are ready again, then take the test. After all, Australia visa application is a one year process of focus and dedication. You will be required to submit several documentations. You will be interviewed at your country’s Australian consulate. You will be paying the necessary fees to complete the whole immigration to Australia process.


The challenge is for you to pass the Australia Immigration Points Test. The internet is always open for you to learn and understand the reasons or having such test. Basically, it is a requirement by the Australian government on every applicant.