Tips on How to Make an Effective Apology to Your Boyfriend

No matter how much you and your boyfriend may love each other, there are going to be arguments between the two of you.  Simply saying that you are sorry after a fight is not going to carry much weight.  You need to find a way to apologize that he can really understand.  Obviously, every situation is different but these tips may point you in the right direction.

These are general rules that can be adapted to fit almost any situation.  If you are unsure about how well they will work, try them out on someone else first.  You will find that they work like a charm.

Make the Apology Fit the Crime

Do not make a quick, off the cuff apology if what you did caused a big problem between the two of you.  By the same token, do not make a huge production out of apologizing for a trivial matter.

Do Not Try To Justify Your Actions

If what you did was wrong, do not make the apology seem insincere by making excuses for your behavior.  This means that you should never say, “I'm sorry, but.... “. Everyone makes mistakes; just accept the repercussions of your actions without trying to make it seem like you had a good reason to do what you did.

Do Not Expect That an Apology Will Make His Anger Go Away

If you feel the need to apologize, then your actions caused your boyfriend to feel hurt or angry.  Your apology will not instantly make those feelings go away.  Once you have apologized, you will need to give him some time to accept it.  Leave him alone to sort out his feelings.  If you continue to talk to him after you have apologized, you may only succeed in making him angrier.

Mean What You Say

This is perhaps the most important thing to remember if you want to make an effective apology to your boyfriend or anyone else.  Do not ever apologize when you are not sorry for what you have done.  He will see through your lie.  Worse than that, he is unlikely to believe that any apologies you make in the future are sincere.

If the apology you are trying to make is for something that caused the two of you to breakup, then you will really have to put all of your best efforts into it. An effective apology can be a great first step towards get my man back, but it is not all you will have to do. For other helpful hints about making up and winning him back, go to the magic of making up