Tips to invest in handy and pretty modular kitchen design

Amidst the intensely competitive urban 21st-century lifestyle, exceptional Modular Kitchen Designs are in high demand. They bring esthetic values along with convenience and ample storage spaces.


Before discussing the kitchen that has changed so much in recent times, consider the living room and bedroom too. Essential parts of the modern home along with the garden, reflect a peaceful lifestyle. Technology nowadays dominates whatever work is done, and homes have office corners too. The kitchen is undoubtedly a work station like an office or laboratory! Sustenance comes from the food in the kitchen, and that requires healthy and hygienic practices and equipment. Modular Kitchen Designs are easy to set up and dismantle for shifting. Pre-manufactured modules are assembled quickly.


THE INGENIOUS - Modular Kitchens

Isn’t it time for the kitchen essentials?

How has the kitchen changed over a few decades? Science, industry, and digital technology provide all the wonders. Appliances and gadgets are often built-in and thus hidden from sight. Along with the compulsory oven and sink, a Refrigerator and Freezer, Microwave and Dishwasher provide several facilities. Besides ample storage cabinets, an electric chimney takes care of the atmosphere. Tiles adorn the countertops and walls and floors, extremely colorful, glassy, or minimalist.

Space, design, and budget

In order to accommodate a range of facilities and avoid banging into each other, extensive kitchen space is necessary. Yet, one can see cute little kitchens complete with every gadget. Planning space utility and selection of suitable gadget models would matter. Designing the kitchen for convenience with storage space, perhaps reaching to the ceiling would help. Though hard to reach the upper shelves, things rarely needed would be placed up there. If space allows, an independent kitchen island facilitates work around it and free passage.



Choose between the L, G and U shaped Modular Kitchen Designs and some more, L being most popular. Avoid clutter and let it be simple enough. Make sure that some vacant spaces exist, perhaps providing seats to rest and eat. Small dining arrangements are often found connected to the kitchen. An artistic touch, cute lighting, and sufficient ventilation would complete the setup. Curtains and carpets, art pieces, and lighting could harmonize soothing shades and nature patterns perhaps.

Functionality matters more magnificent than ever

The sophisticated, racy lifestyle today demands efficiency and speed. Those early morning kitchen stints can be hectic before taking off for work. Evenings and holidays are leisurely indeed. Chic and smart, a flexible and portable kitchen becomes an asset to the family. A place to learn cuisines and develop interests and hobbies, perhaps the kids would take to a chef’s career. The new generation does believe that children should be learning to housekeeping, cooking, and growing vegetables at a young age.


THE INGENIOUS - Modular Kitchen Design

Choice of materials

Not much choice existed in the good old days. Varieties of real wood and metals alone. Now, the authentic wood is fast vanishing, and synthetics are taking their place. These substitutes are durable and long-lasting too. Unlike real wood, they are not attacked by termites. Further, those glossy looks can hardly be copied by real wood. Yet, for the sentimental old-world fanatics, get the real wood according to availability but make sure they are genuine.

Why not go in for the synthetic, pretty, and glassy modern stuff? They look beautiful, and fancy colors make the kitchen such a nice place to work in. Membrane, PU, or glassy kitchen interiors bring that much needed innovative, creative effect. Acrylic or laminate, plywood, or MDF? Prices duffer. Study the pros and cons before making a choice. Don’t forget that it is a hefty long-term investment.

Aim for a dramatic effect

Rather than drab greys and blacks, why not go for the bright yellows and blues? Orange or red perhaps? It will not be a single shade but instead combined with whites, perhaps for contrast. Avoid overdoing the colors that would be suitable for the kids’ room or a music store in the mall. Keep the colors muted and gentle in keeping with a work ethic. Most offices have such ethereal surroundings that motivate concentration upon the work at hand amidst serenity.


THE INGENIOUS - Kitchen Design


The kitchen décor need not repeat the patterns elsewhere in the home. The kitchen could stand apart. Each part of the residence could display different materials and color schemes though most houses show similarity throughout. Getting more inventive and creative is the trend these days. Pep up spirits and feelings with dramatic designs and shades. Kitchen Designs are certainly going to impact daily life. Discuss with family and friends and choose from a variety of fabulous designs and materials.


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