Tips and Guidelines For Purchasing Toner Cartridges Online

Purchasing toner on-line is now the norm. Paragon Matrix outlines their tips and guidelines to get the best out of purchasing ink & toner on-line.


The best place to shop for a toner cartridge is online. This is especially undefined for people who do not have the time or patience to go to the various stores to find the printer supplies which best suits their needs. It really takes a lot of effort and energy to go through the various stores physically. However, one should not get disheartened by the whole process of finding the right supplies for one's printer as there are some very good online stores which offer great deals on best toner cartridges and at the same time give you the convenience of shopping from one's home.

Purchasing on-line
It is very easy to find a toner cartridge of your choice online and by ordering from an online office supply dealer, one can get the ordered cartridges at one's door step. One can find the toner cartridges of all the major brands online. Also toner cartridges which are compatible with popular brands like Apple, HP, Sharp, Brother, IBM, Panasonic, Xerox, Canon, Lexmark, Epson and Samsung product lines. One simply has to choose the model printer to locate the cartridges which are compatible with it, and the next step is to place an order for the selected cartridge. It is best to select a toner which is covered by the distributer's warranty as it ensures that the product which reaches you is free from any damage and is in perfect condition.

While purchasing cartridges online, it is recommended to order a few days in advance as it will help you to save the shipping charges. Many of the online printer supplier stores only charge for shipping when the cartridges are to be delivered immediately. By ordering a cartridge well in advance, one can avoid additional shipping charges.

Some differentiators
Another very important benefit of buying toner cartridges online is that, the online printer supplier stores allows one to purchase refurbished and remanufactured toner cartridges. Though the remanufactured cartridges are relatively cheaper, there are some loopholes in the functioning of these remanufactured toner cartridges. The first and the foremost limitation of a remanufactured cartridge is that, the printer might not read the ink level properly. It might sometimes give you absolutely wrong readings like showing an empty cartridge when the ink is full. The second factor which should be considered is that the refurbished cartridges have a defect rate of almost 2 percent.

To Sum Up
There are a number of online printer suppliers, and some of them offer the supplies at very cheap rates, however price should not be the only factor affecting your purchase. One should always get toner cartridges from reputed online stores and the ones which make the whole process of purchasing easier for you. Some online stores also give you the option of selling your old cartridge for remanufacturing purpose and hence indirectly provide you with additional savings which can be directed towards the purchase of a new toner cartridge.