Three Things to Help Women Keep a Man for Good

There is no way that you can force yourself on a guy as a girlfriend. You can never impose attraction over someone.


The story of a girl meeting a boy, starting out as friends, getting on to dating and then the guy suddenly losing interest, is quite commonplace. Even before the relationship could develop into anything considerable, the boy goes absconding. Why is it that this happens so often that girls are actually wary of guys?

Girls are much more emotional and expressive by nature. Often, as soon as a nice guy comes across their way, they fall in love. Initially all is well; she likes to spend time with him because she likes him… while he does so because she is a 'friend'. In this process, the girl starts having raised expectations about the status of their relationship.

When the girl sees no response to her expectations, she reveals her feelings to the boy, hoping that he will reciprocate. Little does she know that men's minds are an altogether different ball game?

It is understandable that anyone in such a situation will be caught in the middle. If you as a girl have expressed your feelings to the guy, there is no way you can go back on it.  This now makes you emotionally vulnerable. It is a good thing to be honest but it doesn't help all the time.

Also, you must remember that if the guy is used to the idea of having you as a friend, there is no way that you can force yourself on him as a girlfriend. You can never impose attraction over someone. If it is missing, it is missing. The harder you try to impose it on the guy, the greater the possibility that you will lose him even as a friend.

However, if you take some steps much before you and the guy settle into a 'friends' kind of a routine, it may salvage your relationship for a romantic future. Keeping these things in mind gives you a fair chance of winning his heart sometime in the future:

Don't Hurry - A romantic relationship should never be hurried into. Never walk into a relationship blindly; it will scare away the guy. His idea of you is that of a very good friend and he thinks that taking the relationship further will make him lose you even as a friend.

Moderate Your Speed - It never helps to jump to conclusions every now and then and expect the moon. Every relationship is different and a guy's time of wanting to get intimate with a girl differs from hers. Even if the feelings are mutual, it doesn't ensure that both are at the same level of emotional equilibrium. Boys are normally slower at this and girls should actually be happy if the guy takes time. This will ensure a more stable relationship in future.

Be A Nurturer - Relationships grow only after they have been nurtured and cared for over a long period of time. This 'long time' varies from person to person and you should not give up on someone you truly love. With persistence, you can win the guy as a lover and also continue having a beautiful friendship with him.

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