The winner takes it all - but who is the winner?

it is important that you do your research on each company and their product before you make that final decision on who will be the winner.

The birth of Uber has given birth to a billion dollar industry. So great is its success that there are many Uber-like apps available in the market today. Many are being launched every day. Some of the famous names that are recognised globally are Ola, MyTaxi, Lyft and Didi.

They are examples of success stories that have been written after developers decided it was high time that they got into the business of designing and selling Uber-like clones at affordable rates. Entrepreneurs fully supported them and are investing in such apps and selling them on their own product or launching their own taxi or ride-sharing business.

Today when you Google the word “Uber Clone Script” you get a list of all the top ranking taxi booking and ride sharing scripts that are available in the market, Let’s us look at the crème de la crème of the Uber  clone industry

1. AGRIYA – A company based in India, they have developed TAXI PIKR, which they proudly market it as “The best ever Uber clone script” A software that can run on both Android and iPhone devices, it has a number of features that are especially geared for the devices mentioned.

2. CODZIDEL TECHNOLOGIES Another Indian company, they have designed ARCANE. They have unveiled Arcane as “an inspiration from Uber”. Rather than focusing on just the taxi app, they gear their products for on-demand uber for X Services like laundry, carpentry, housing cleaning and other such services.

3. ZOPLAY CABILY is the baby of Zoplay, a website that represents the product clones developed by  Casperon Technologies (P) Ltd. Cabily is a taxi booking script that is available on both Android and iPhone platforms.

4. SPACE O TECHNOLOGIES Yet another developer who is in the business of developing app clones like Lyft and Uber.  They develop apps according to the client’s requirements.

5. NCRYPTED They promise to “bring your taxi booking idea to life”. Their app has lots of features that make it an investor’s perfect dream.

6. DECTAR They have designed their own version of the taxi dispatch software, an uber clone script, called CABILY. Dectar proudly say that “Cabily has some attractive features that differs us from our competitors”

7. MOBISOFT – Their slogan, and their description of their version of the Uber clone – “Hop On To The Latest Revolution To Book Track And Manage Taxis!”

8. V3CUBE – Their confident boast is  “Seeing is Believing”. They are confident that once you see how good their product is, you will not go anywhere else. They are the masters as far as share economy apps are concerned. Apart from their famous Taxi Booking App Clone, they have also designed clones of Uber Rush, and other apps such as Ridesharing, food sharing, flight sharing, and boat sharing. They are also the mastermind behind many Uber for X products such as Tow Trucks on demand, Pizza on demand, dog walking on demand, maids on demand and doctors on demand, to name a few from their wide portfolio. In fact, from all the companies listed above, they have the largest Uber portfolio. Their products have been launched in various countries across the globe including Mexico, United States of America and Dubai. The company also has the facility for entrepreneurs to test the app in real-time so check out its features and functions. They also offer white labelled solutions so that any entrepreneur can pass the product off as his own with V3CUBE working incognito for him all the time.

For other entrepreneurs or taxi companies, they will brand the app for the company so that the product carries their brand name and not the name of V3CUBE.

9 . APPSCRIP – They have a product that they market using the line “Why Uber when you can Roadyo?”ROADYO is yet another powerful taxi booking app clone. The company claims that it is the most technically advanced taxi booking clone in the world. They not only clone Uber but also other famous sites like MyTaxi, Careem, Lyft, Didi Chuxing and Taxi Magic.

So which is the winner and who will get your business? All claim to be the best in the business. However, it is important that you do your research on each company and their product before you make that final decision on who will be the winner. Look around and see what free services are provided and what their customer support is like. How long will they take to launch your product? How much will it cost? Get all the answers and then see who is offering the best value for money. Read client reviews too to help make an informed decision. Good Luck with your hunt for that perfect Uber app clone.