The Underlying Rule in Winning Back Your Ex

If you have ever met anyone who was fine after a breakup, you need to know right now that it is just a fake persona. The time right after it is very difficult to deal with because there are so many emotions that include fear, anger, depression and even hate. No matter who you are, breaking up really is difficult to deal with. How you go from being a couple to being a single person can be mind boggling and you are probably wondering first off what you can do or say to get your ex back. The easiest answers to this thought you may have… don’t do or say a single thing.


When you are desperate, you are liable to say anything (and usually the first thing) that comes to mind. If you stay in contact with your ex after the breakup, it is tempting to yell or scream at him or her. You’ll soon regret this decision because you may have said something that would damages your chances of get back your ex. Before you screw your chances up, there are things that can help you in this matter.


The first thing you will hear relationship experts say is to take a breather from one another. Though each expert may give you different time frames, it’s best to give yourselves a month. It can be rough for you not to see or speak for 30/31 days but if you really want to get your ex back, it is your best bet.


You may hear news that makes you want to break this no contact rule but you need to resist the urge to do so. There are 2 destructive ways you can blow your chances of getting your ex back and breaking the no contact rule at the same time. They are: drunk dialing and text message terrorism.


(1) Drunk Dialing


When you have been dumped, loneliness can set in. You may not expect to happen but it will. How some people feel this void by drinking alcohol. While in moderation it is not bad, excessive drinking can lead to drunk dialing. This is a state of where you call your ex in the overnight hours, leaving him or her message on the answering machine or voice mail, begging for another chance while completely blowing that chance through your actions.


(2) Text Message Terrorism


When you are used to having someone to talk to, no matter how inane the subject is, you may feel desperate about it. This leaves you to break the no contact rule by text messaging, calling, email and visiting him or her. You bombard them all the time. What this actually does is make him or her run and avoid you at all costs. You are typically labeled the psycho ex. If you don’t want to ruin your chances, stop before you do something like this.


If you could stop yourself before you do something such as these, you would be wise to. If not, you could lose your chances of getting back together with your ex. Remember that this one month no contact is good for you too because you can work on your problem issues and find suitable ways to start talking with them again. 


While you think you need to do damage control on the relationship, what you are actually doing is planning your next move while taking a breather from each other. It’s best to have some sort of strategy before you speak with them again. Find and devise a strategy that will work so you can get your ex back.


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