The Ultimate Sexy Christmas Gift?

In the run up to the season to be merry, some couples dispair to find sexy christmas gifts, wether it is a Christmas gift for him or a Christmas gift for her. There are some very unique possibilities available out there though for those of you that want to go a little further than most when it comes to sexy Christmas gifts.

Personalised erotica is becoming a really popular treat for special occations says Pauline Andersen, Publisher and owner of Collective Publishing ( ), an independent publishing company based on the English south coast.

?We were initially a little surprised that our personalized erotic book sells pretty evenly through out the year, as we had thought the book would be selling only around Valenties day as sexy valentines day gifts, although with the increased forcus on romance in that month, we do pretty well in the 4 months running up to the 14th of February.?

Personalised erotica, as it states, are stories or in this case a book, where the story or stories are changed according to reader preference. The range of products out there is quite overwhelming but it can be pretty much broken into the expensive commissioned stories written specifically for you and is a one off story exactly to your specification and pre-written stories where elements of the story like names, character features, places, rooms and so on are changed according to your desire when you purchase the story.

You can then either get your story delivered in a digital download file or you can get it as a physical book sent to you.

?Our personalised erotic book is as far as we are aware unique? says Pauline ? as it is based on customising an already published book, ?Bettina?s Bed Time Stories?(ISBN 0953529045), and when delivered, the person receiving the sexy gift will not know initially that the erotic book he or she is reading has actually been personalised for them, unless the ?giver? tells them.

I?m sure you can imagine what it is like to read a book when you begin to notice that one of the characters has your looks, your name and even live in your town. It?s like watching a film only to realise it is taking place in your home town.

The reason why a personalised erotic book would be such a great sexy Christmas gift is that it will give whoever you are giving it to, an even warmer glow when they realise the steamy book is about them!


Short note about the author

Bettina Varese

Collective Publishing has more information about their personalised erotica book on erotica.html (ships world wide in 10 days or less )

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Author: Bettina Varese