The Trap

Few years ago, in dramatic for me circumstances I was acquainted with interesting woman.

Even I am a kind of loner, we had quickly entered into communication. I think, that during a while we had supported each other in solving own problems, benefit from multiplied by opportunities of another being creative potential. Outer situation crushed us to a ground. It seemed that we stick around a centre of an ocean of suffering and even we had tried hard realising our successive inspirations, on a stage of material theatre nothing was changing.

On account of her unusually difficult family situation, she had shacked up with her very sick son in my home.

Although she "understood" a need of lift under a drama of every-day life with sick people, she couldn't bear. She couldn't bear suffering linked with the then medical problems of my children.

It is a great challenge for a human being sticking around a pain of closest persons, an ability of mind control from a point of view of thoughts content. Emotions accompanies to permanently changing, but simultaneously protracted "pathology" are most frequently a determinant which is enforcing destructive way of thinking and what is following -adequate - way of creation in this world.

If we submit to this course of things, we are trapped.

They moved out after four months. My acquaintance very quickly switches off from her protractedly ill son.

It could appear that along with getting rid of necessity among the ocean of suffering, her mood will improve and quality of life will increase. It could seem that her large energetic possibilities will cause her faster development.

There have passed three years. She arrived. She arrived - as I had seen in her figure and heard in her words, in a very unattractive state. She was crushed by unproductive going round. She had asked about a reason.

How hard is to comprehend that this, what for we aren't yet, due to a valuation of our logic brain, enough prepared (simply we feel forced by others or by circumstances), is an essential part of performance of life serving for grooving of new traits necessary to make next step on a path of proper development.

My acquaintance "got away"... And she was trapped by impotence of creation the new conditions of own increasing, even her possibilities to do this step, in all aspects were uncommon.

We have a lot of ways to choose. And we have also free will, which is holy.

Best regards
Teresa Maria Zalewska