The new look at Earth's climatic mechanism

My first paper book entitled The new look at Earth's climatic mechanism



Dear Sir or Madam!

I wrote the book The New look at Earth's climatic mechanism. How to encourage you to buy it for your collection from Lambert Academic Publishing?
The book contains 100 pages and 60 graphs and is the result of 18 years of research into the Earth's climate mechanism. I am sending the cover of the book in the attachment. I just received information from the publisher that the standard price of the book will be EUR 54.9.

Below I send a letter from the publisher about the possibilities of buying my book. I hope you find this interesting. My book probably provides irrefutable arguments for negating EU climate policy.
Yours sincerely
Bogdan Góralski
    On October 25, 2019, 16:31 wrote:
        Dear Bogdan Góralski,
        Thank you for choosing Lambert Academic Publishing.
        Your book has been published and it is now available for purchase here:
        As the author, you benefit of significant discounts, up to 70%:
        3 copies: 37.32 € Eur / copy (market price 43.90 € Eur / copy)         5 copies: 31.37 € Eur / copy (market price 36.90 € Eur / copy)         20 copies: 27.97 € Eur / copy (market price 32.90 € Eur / copy)         50 copies: 26.27 € Eur / copy (market price 30.90 € Eur / copy)         200 copies: 22.02 € Eur / copy (market price 25.90 € Eur / copy)         500 copies: 19.47 € Eur / copy (market price 22.90 € Eur / copy)         1000 copies: 15.22 € Eur / copy (market price 17.90 € Eur / copy)
        In addition, the final public price will be reduced too if you purchase at least 3 copies.
        Please note that it's a one-time exclusive offer valid for you as the author until 9/11/2019. Once the offer expires, your book will be released at the initial established price of 54.90 €.
        How many books do you need for your activities and personal interest?
        Looking forward to hearing back from you.
        ---         Kind regards / Freundliche Grüße         Tatiana Sava         Acquisition Editor
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