The many faces of the uber mobile app clone

Uber is actually a transportation company that launched the wonderful and unique concept of on demand taxi rides.

The Uber mobile app clone was developed as a result of the global success of Uber. For those who are not familiar with the term, Uber is actually a transportation company that launched the wonderful and unique concept of on demand taxi rides. It is based in San Francisco but it has spread its tentacles all over the world, in its success.


Uber offers the services of a mobile app that one can use to request a trip. The Uber Android Apps Clone allows users to submit a trip request. This request is automatically sent to the nearest Uber driver in your vicinity who will be able to check your location via the inbuilt GPS system. The driver will pick you up in his personal car and drop you to your destination. The app automatically navigates the route, calculates the fare and distance and transfers the payment from the rider’s account. Throughout the whole process, the rider does not have to say a word or even dig out his wallet. Smart, isn’t it?


The concept of on demand has open avenues and doorways to many on demand ventures. Thanks to mobile technology, clients and businesses are now operating in the digital world. The combination of digital and on demand is today the perfect recipe for any business to be successful.

Let us look at how the on demand business has been revolutionized by the Uber app.

Cab hailing – The pioneer of the on demand concept. Uber was started as an on –demand taxi business which brought a new and smart way of summoning and riding taxis. The concept has forever changed the way we book taxis today. Taxi firms have today adopted this smart way of working too.

Food delivery – This app is popularly being used for food delivery too, with users requesting their choice of food on the app. The food is delivered to the customer’s doorstep in no time, without asking the location.

Beautician – In the vanity arena, the Uber app clone has become a firm favourite with ladies all over the world. The idea of getting a beauty treatment in your own home at your own convenience is the main reason why ladies use this app.

Tow trucks/Breakdown service – Imagine your car breaking down in the middle of the motorway. When you summon help, you are asked loads of questions like when, where, how and the assistance comes to you after several hours whilst you are stuck, maybe even in the freezing cold. When you use the app to summon help, your breakdown service will be there at your service in no time, that too, without any questions.

Courier Service – Users can send and receive parcels and packages anywhere in the city. This facility does away with the need to travel to a courier office to send the courier, that too at an exorbitant price, not to forget the numerous forms that you need to complete. The only thing required when you use the app to deliver your courier is the item to be delivered, the time and destination. The app will automatically do the rest, including real-time tracking of the courier and payment.

Massage – If you want a massage in the privacy of your home that too is possible with this amazing app. The service will come to your place. All you need to do is input the details of when you want the massage and the type of massage you want. The rest is all taken care of by the app while you enjoy your massage.

Grocery – This amazing app has done away with queuing at the checkout counters in supermarkets. All you now need to do is order your grocery shopping in the comfort of your home and it will be delivered to you. No stress, just relax.

Doctor – No need to rush to the nearest Emergency Department. You can summon a doctor whenever you need him, day or night.

Plumber – Broken pipe or a blocked toilet – all can be repaired in a jiffy by summoning a plumber using the Uber app clone. The plumbers who are registered are reasonable on the pocket too.


Digitalisation and smart mobile technology has paved way for platforms like android and other smart mobile platforms to trace your location automatically through smartphones and smart personal assistants.

The question that we now need to ask is can this service get any better and faster? Well only time will tell.