The High Blood Pressure Joke

Dr Bob the Health Builder

The High Blood Pressure Joke

We all know high blood pressure is not funny, particularly when you get the bill and the side effects that come with ALL the prescriptions. Even if you have health insurance paying the immediate bills, you are still paying for the drugs ? either through less pay or working at a job you hate but took for the ?benefits?.

All drugs are toxic and they are not designed to ?cure? your health problem. They are designed to put money into the drug manufacture?s pockets and keep you hooked for the rest of your life.

HPB is almost 100 preventable and/or curable but you have to obtain the secrets from someone other than a drug company or their representatives.

Linus Pauling reported years ago that all disease is related to the lack of trace minerals in the food we eat. In fact, there are almost no trace minerals in any food today unless the food is of organic nature.

There is a great website, created by Dr Sherry Rogers MD. Her most recent book is called ?The High Blood Pressure Hoax?. The point of her book is about the cause of high blood pressure & treatment.

HBP is mainly caused by trace mineral shortage of Magnesium.

Usually a patient?s doctor will prescribe a diuretic (first) to treat HBP. By eliminating water in your system, BP decreases but so does trace minerals, magnesium and potassium (Eating bananas will replace some potassium.) When magnesium declines in the body, BP also increases.

After a while, diuretics stop working and your doctor adds other medications.

Most health problems will disappear if you supplement with trace minerals, beneficial fatty acids, and eat/ grow healthy foods.

Six Natural Ways to Decrease Your BP:

1. Lower your insulin levels. Eliminate sugars, potatoes and grains. Grains are not healthy even the organic because they break down into sugars and the excess is stored as fat.

2. Exercise. If done regularly and in moderation (whatever the activity), helps controls HBP.

3. Obtain your ideal weight. Loosing weight can improve your BP and if you couple that with elimination of sugar, add exercise; you will be on your way to a healthier you.

4. Sunlight. Vitamin D is useful in normalizing HBP. Dermatologists have warned people that sunlight is dangerous and this is not true. We have reached a level of disease caused by the lack of vitamin D from absence of sunlight. Skin cancer is caused by Omega VI?s and sunlight. If you equalize Omega III and Omega VI to a 1 on 1 ratio (the ratio today is 1 to 25 to 1 to 50 because of hydrogenated vegetable oils) the risk of skin cancer almost disappears. Latest evidence shows sun blocks are causing skin cancer, particularly in the young.

5. Reduce stress. Placebos will lower your BP.

6. Add trace minerals. Make sure that you are taking a full compliment of trace minerals that are phyto (plant) derived.

Grocery stores are retailers of ?fillers? not healthy food. Shortly, I will have my ?Healthy Farmer? book available in e-book format. You may not want to raise a garden or farm the soil but it will offer you a way to learn about healthy food and will educate you on questions you need to ask your grocery supplier. Remember, an alternative solution to controlling HPB is healthy foods & supplements.

Remember, an alternative solution to controlling HPB is healthy foods & supplements.

Dr Bob the Health Builder
Robert D Bard, OD, FAAO


Short note about the author

Dr Bob the Health Builder

Robert D Bard, OD, FAAO

I attended West Virginia University and graduated from Pennsylvania College of Optometry with a Bachelor of Science degree and a Doctor of Optometry degree.

As a health professional I was always interested in disease prevention but found the medical model ? drug companies and doctors ? unacceptable. The medical model towards disease is that they want us ? the people ? to contract disease and they will prevent us from dieing as long as we continue to take their drugs for the rest of our lives. This is their idea of preventive medicine. The population expects prevention to prevent disease before we get sick.

I became overweight and like most people blamed it on me and my eating habits, but I knew that diets and potions on TV DO NOT WORK and therefore put off doing anything until I stumbled across a solution.

In 1999 I began itching and it got worse almost by the day. I started taking antihistamines to reduce the itching and over a 10 month time period visited 4 dermatologists. The first 3 doctors miss diagnosed my problem. The forth discovered the cause but I had to use a pesticide all over my body to correct the condition ? I know this seems strange but I had an infestation of Norwegian mites under my skin (I didn?t even know that mites had a pedigree much less a country of origin).

When I used the pesticide to kill the mites I swelled up like the Pillsbury Dough Boy. With this ordeal I gained even more weight and ended up looking like Porky the Pig. I also lost my sense of taste because of all the antihistamines.

In 2002 I did some consulting work for a supplement company and they gave me a gift book by Sherry Rogers, MD. At the same time I had a patient in my office that sensitive to all chemicals including the chemicals from a carpet that was 6 months old and from my cologne. He had to wear a mask filled with carbon just to get through a basic eye examination. After quizzing him about his condition I discovered that over 6 million people in the US can?t function normally because of toxic chemicals ? that means holding down jobs and leading a normal life.

Because of this patient I began to investigate toxic chemicals and how they affect people, particularly my health, my taste, and weight problems. With this information I have lost 70 pounds, gone from a jean size of 50 to 40. I feel better, look better, and my big belly that used to catch food is almost gone. (I no longer catch food on my stomach)

I have discovered that the public is one big toxic chemical experiment by industrial food manufactures, chemical companies that control farm chemicals with Genetically Engineered crops, drug companies and companies that want to dump their waste products without protecting the public.

There are some really good people that write books and educate people about health issues, economic issues, environmental issues, food problems but all these people specialize in certain areas. My job as I see it is to be a reporter and filter the important information to my subscribers.

I have also been a farmer for years and one of my discoveries is that our diseased health economy starts with toxic chemicals and crop land.

Unhealthy Soil = Unhealthy Plants and Animals = Unhealthy People

I also think it is terrible that when people retire at the age of 65 that 97 are in poverty in this nation. I believe that I can help people make extra money in retirement through my experience on eBay and other sources of information. I have a free newsletter that discusses health issues and money issues to help people.

Dr Bob the Health Builder.


Author: Dr. Robert Bard