The Go-To Period Kit Essentials

Periods happen to be tricky affairs that promptly arrive each and every month. But even if you are the most regular person when it comes to your periods, it will always be a good idea to have on hand a few period essentials if ever the need arises for either you or your circle to use. But what exactly does a period kit or essentials bag contain? Read on to find out. 

Of the many things that women feel embarrassed about, going to the loo, particularly during their periods seems to top the list. More often than not, in order to carry our sanitary products with us to the bathroom, we end up carrying our whole bag. This draws attention to us even more than usual. This is where a period kit comes to the rescue.


Organizing a period kit can potentially even save you from embarrassing episodes where your period decides to show up, unannounced! So how does one start really? Well, making a list and then including them as a part of your daily to and for the bag will help! Here are a few things that will definitely help in the best manner possible


Small Bag/Purse

In order to make the period kit feel like a kit, you do need something to serve as the holder of things in the kit, don’t you? A purse or a small bag that can be easily integrated inside your current purse or bag, and that is also big enough to include extra-large sanitary napkins should do the trick! Start by checking the size of your biggest extra-large sanitary napkins manufactured by tampon brands and take your pick keeping in mind this size. However, do ensure that only menstrual pads or menstrual tampons do not end up grabbing all the space inside the bag.


Pads or Tampons

These, for obvious reasons, have to be the first pick when it comes to forming the beat period kit that you can without fail. What would a period kit really be if it does not have the best tampons that you can buy and are comfortable with? 

Having the right kind of napkins or tampons for heavy periods handy can truly help feel more secure and confident without fail.  can really go a long way in making you feel safer and more protected.


Other than tampons and pads you can always also take with your panty liners handy as they help during the time the period arrives.


Pain Medication

PMS or cramps during your period are usual but sometimes the medicine can truly do wonders when your periods are particularly painful. This is where pain medication can help tremendously. Make sure that you talk to your doctor and tell them your issues prior to just buying any random over the counter medicine. This medicine should also be made a part of your period kit in order to have a pain free period


Extra Underwear

No matter how careful you can be about your period dates, there are many other factors that dictates the arrival of the periods themselves. your period decides to come knocking suddenly, then the chances of you staining your underwear are high. This is where the extra pair of underwear comes to the rescue. 


Stained underwear will not only make you feel conscious but will also leave you feeling unhygienic too. This is why keeping your most comfortable pair of underwear as an extra in your period kit will make you feel better about being on your periods too.


Hand Sanitizer & pot seat covers/sanitizers

Of the many tasks that can seem daunting to any woman when she has to change her sanitary product in public, the issue of germs is an even more daunting prospect. Hand sanitizers and pot seat cover help form a barrier between your skin and the potential germs that might be present inn a public loo. 


A Ziploc bag or a small garbage bag

Any stained underwear or even a used sanitary product can be put in these bags till you find a better way to dispose of them.