The Best 28 Traveling Tips

08f46c0840a8f70a59e330f9dde557a3.jpgI have compiled 28 of the best traveling tips out there into one simple article. Not only that, but I have organized them into small subjects, so finding those subject specific tips is no challenge.

Lastly, there is also an added page of bonuses to make these tips even more worthwhile.

The topics breakdown in this order?

  • Research
  • Pre-Trip Reminder
  • Packing
  • Travel
  • Activities
  • Food
  • Transportation
  • Money
  • Random - These are just a few that don't quite fit anywhere, but are still extremely important!


1. Information can save you time and money! One of the best things you can do is research your destination of choice. Be sure to know what events will be going on while you are there, where the "hot spots"are located, and what other activities are available for you to enjoy.

2. Talk to people - They are a wealth of knowledge! Don't be afraid to talk to some locals to find out where good places are to eat, or good art, or good entertainment. It would only improve your vacation.

Pre-Trip Reminder

3. Make sure that your home and pets are taken care of while you are gone. When vacationing, you should have someone watch your house, check the mail, water plants, etc, and take care of your pets, unless you plan on housing your pets at a kennel of some sort. Also, make sure to leave them an itinerary so they can get a hold of you if necessary.


4. Shoes - Make sure that you pack worn-in shoes to avoid getting sore feet from exploring. Plus, you'll save money if you don't buy new ones!

5. Don't pack too much. Many travelers end up packing way more items than necessary on a trip. To achieve this pick items that are multi-use and multi-weather appropriate. Mix and match, durable, easy-care - all words that describe good items to pack.

6. Checklists can save you LOADS of time. Create a checklist of everything you need to take, and as you pack them, check them off. This will help you to avoid packing unnecessary items, and from leaving necessary ones behind.

7. Liquids + Plastic Bags = Genius! Make sure that any liquids are packed in plastic bags to avoid soiling all of you clothing before you even get to your destination!

8. Carry all valuables on your carryon. This is a good idea in case your luggage is lost, then you won't lose all your valuables with it. Valuables could also include some toilet paper and tissue!

9. Don't forget a camera! Disposable cameras and digital cameras are getting smaller and smaller. Don't forget this essential item in documenting your vacation.

10. Prepaid phone cards can save money while trying to keep in touch with those people at home. International calling fees can be insanely expensive, so to cut down on costs purchase a prepaid phone card.


11. Travel packages that are too good to be undefined - Great travel packages do exist, but make sure that you read the fine print such as cancellation fees, vacation insurance, and refund policy.

12. Seating arrangements can be crucial, especially when traveling with other people. Many ticket purchasing sites allow for you to choose your seating on flights, so choose wisely.

13. Check the details of your flight and leave yourself plenty of time. Security can be a huge travel hassle, so make sure that you arrive plenty early, and make sure you know what time your flight is at so you can know when "early" is. Another detail includes how much your luggage can weigh, so to avoid charges verify the amount of weight allowed.

14. The carry-on is essential for any traveler. Make sure to have some essentials including: clean change of clothing, reading material, plenty of water, and snacks. These will also really help you on those long-haul flights.


15. There are many different options for activities - No matter where you go! You could go on a walk, or a hike; you could go shopping in the central shopping areas and meet people. If you have no ideas, people are the hotels you are staying in are more than willing to share some insight with you.

16. Remember to leave yourself time to ENJOY your vacation. It is important to not have a jam packed schedule that allows you no flexibility. That way, you can fill free time with resting, exploring, or taking advantage of once in a life time opportunities.


17. Snacks are very important to any traveler. When on tours, meals may be spread out over long periods of time so it is always a good idea to carry a few small snacks such as nuts or crackers with you.

18. Water, water, water! Make sure that you are drinking a lot of water. This will help keep you from wearing out during your travels.

19. Enjoy the cultural food while you have the chance. This cuisine is a treat for you, so enjoy it and take in some of the culture with the meal.

20. Don't forget that nutrition still applies on vacation. No one wants to gain weight while vacationing, so be careful about your food choices and don't skip meals. Also, if you have special dietary needs you will have to make arrangements for that in your budget.


21. Don't forget your license! Being able to travel within a town is essential to doing what you want to do on a vacation, and you'll definitely need your license for that. Also, try to figure out the cheapest ways to get around by starting with your hometown and finding the cheapest ways to get around to all of the popular spots; then apply those money saving tips to your foreign country.


22. Currency exchange information is vital. Be sure to check the current exchange rate so that you can plan your budget accordingly.

23. Traveler's checks are guaranteed funds, and REPLACEABLE! Traveler's checks can be a great way for people to keep their money organized when traveling, and they are accepted virtually everywhere. Plus, if they are lost or stolen, you can call the traveler check company and get replacements.

24. Always carry a little bit of cash, and a personal check or two. This is a strong suggestion for those times when traveler's checks are not accepted. Carry smaller bills and not very many because you can lose money when your convert them back into American dollars, and personal checks may come in handy because they don't have fees associated with them.

25. Credit and debit card fees can really hurt your travel budget. Watch out for these fees. They tend to add up quickly, and most people don't realize just how quickly until they get home.

26. Make sure to have some extra money budgeted for emergencies. What if there is a major rain storm on a tropical island and you don't have a jacket? That's where this fund would step in, for those incidentals that almost no one would think of.

27. Keep a spending log - That way you know for sure you won't go over budget!

28. Souvenir budgets are often overlooked and they shouldn't be! Buying those loved ones at home a gift should not be overlooked. Decide early on how many people you are buying for and your limit for each, and then stay within it! Even the smallest gift can mean the world to someone.

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