The Auto Transport Basic Process

The basics for car shipping are pretty easy to comprehend. If it’s your first time to carry out a car transport through an auto transport company, note of these few things and you’ll find it smooth. First things first, find a good car shipping company to take care of the shipping.


These are the basic steps in finding a good car shipping company:

Find a car shipping companies with good ratings on auto transport reviews sites

There are a lot of car transport companies in your area, isolate them and find the best among them. Check out review sites and forums regarding the integrity of their business.


Collect some quotations from the car shipping companies you found to have good reputations

When you have selected a group that you know deals with good business, find their website and request for quotations. These should be readily available in the forms present in their homepage. Accomplish the forms and submit, then wait for their reply.  They will be quick to give out one.


Close the deal and make appointments for the pickup and destination points

When you are satisfied with one of the quotations, and you see the price fit, deal with a contract. Try to set up a good date for the pickup and delivery.


When you have closed a deal, take note of the following procedures to prepare your car for the transport.


Steps in preparing your car:

Take out accessories or any other part not included in the insurance policy of the car shipping company

The services for the shipping of your car should be covered with insurance. You need to take out some of the car’s parts and accessories that are not covered by insurance. If it needs more work and there is a very little chance that this gets damaged, just live it there and deal with the consequences. You can do this if it’s not that much of worth.