The attitude of the heart


"To bee content means that you realize you contain what you seek." - Alan Cohen


When I have read these words, wow  came out as of itself. I have bookmarked the site. I recognized a mirror in the words of Alan. Have a look. I am an artist and I am drawing what I see around myself - the sunbeams of the light.are the heroes of my artwork  ..Wow, I am the hapiest man! I contain what I seek. 

The striking spray ardently wriggles in a vase on my table. The exotic spray fills my room with never seen bloom, moves me to tears. What an awesome view! My tears are droping down in a literal sense of a word. The beauty have showed me my weakness to share my visions with you, because of my impotency to purchase the necessary tools for the drawing. The comprehension of the need to renew my computer made the light under the window the darkness of the night. Just a minute ago, I was deeply convinced I am the happiest man, but am I such indeed? Am I not dependent on my disability pension? I am jobless, you are the happiest. The reality gave me the new colors to my flowers - YOUR smiles make me happy too in spite of all. I too see the light - have what to dream about and I trust in a miraculous discoveries in the Christmas box...  


"All problems become smaller if you don't dodge them, but confront them." - William F. Halsey


It is ugly to beg, but what else remains? The things we have are used to broke, and I need the new laptop, the professional digital camera .... Our  bodies act likewise. In other words, what for are the new spectacles to me? The recognition of the poverty of the life reminded the cemetery, the forthcoming disappearance of the flesh in a grave. Do I need to see that more pictorially? 

The word of mouth demanded no cash and made me the giant for a free. Wow! I smell the beauty of my flowers. The exotic blossom fills my heart and the wow! is my sharing. Have a look at my blog Captain's bridge. You need just a click on a link above for to enter the wonderland.

 yours respectfully

Tomas Karkalas