The 3 Big Mistakes People Make After a Breakup

When life seems to handle you lemons, it can seem as if everything is going wrong in your life. When you want your ex back, it can seem rather difficult to make those decisions that can help you in achieving this goal. This is especially true when you have no idea where to begin to earn back their trust and love. For starters, you need to know the top 3 mistakes that are commonly made during a breakup so you can avoid making these mistakes. They are: drunken dialing, text-message terrorism and the endless slump.


Breakup Mistakes Number (1) - Drunken Dialing


What is Drunken Dialing actually? You know those times that you drink and drink excessively and you call your ex in the middle of the night, trying to plead your case, begging for another chance, hoping you win them over and they come back to you? That is drunken dialing. It’s very common for those who just broke up to have this happen. Understand though, it doesn’t help your case and in fact, can destroy any chances of a reconciliation down the road. God forbid if your ex actually picks up the phone in your drunken state. You’ll be a big ball of mess and he or she probably won’t be able to understand a single word of what you are trying to convey. You don’t want to have the same issue on his or her voicemail/answering machine either. Drinking is okay when done in moderation but it’s best to avoid any of this if you want your ex back.


Breakup Mistakes Number (2) - Text Message Terrorism


This is similar to drunken dialing only there is no alcohol involved. What this entails is your repeated attempts to get a hold of your ex through means of telephone, e-mail, cell phone and text messages.  If you are trying to win him or her back, this isn’t the way because the phone doesn’t stop ringing and the inbox is always full.


If you haven’t already guessed, this is the perfect way to ruin the relationship chance. By doing this, you are conveying the message that you are a psycho and he or she will probably be sick and tired of hearing about you, hearing from you and even hearing your name. They are likely to duck if they see you coming after you have done this. If you have done just that but not to that extreme, you may still have a chance to redeem yourself. However, continue this and you may as well move on yourself.


Breakup Mistakes Number (3) - The Endless Slump


Have you ever felt like life wasn’t worth living anymore? Have you ever felt like staying in bed because you just couldn’t face the day? Has this feeling dragged on and on with what seems no end in sight? This is the feeling of being in an endless slump. You never go out to work or school. You don’t want to hang with your friends (your friends can cheer you up). Sitting up home seems more fun than going out. You’d rather watch lovesick movies and cry all the time. Of all the behaviors listed, the endless slump is the worst thing to go through. This slump completely ruins your chances of getting your ex back but you can lose everything that meant anything in your life including your friends, your family, your job, and your schooling. Your health could even be at stake. If you notice this happening to you, it’s imperative you break the cycle immediately. You need to continue living your life even if it has altered a bit.


When you want your ex back, you need to stop any damaging behaviors before the repercussions take shape. You can salvage what dignity you have left and try to achieve your ultimate goal which is to get your ex back. However, make sure you have a plan before you do this.


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