Problems With Customized Invoices And Ways To Fix It

I was feeling as it was a fake promise made to me before buying QuickBooks accounting software. I needed highly customized invoices due to state and federal regulations were associated with my business. For the same, I consulted an intuit sale rep and he told me that there was no issue with QuickBooks. His word gave me assurance, so I got excited to buy it and get moving on it.  There were 5 invoices to choose and very little customization was allowed.

I spent more than tow hours trying to find out suing my phone figuring out if I can get the correct invoice. But I was not successful doing so, and it was totally wastage of time. Finally, I got in touch with someone who knew about Intuit QuickBooks invoices and was ready to help me out figuring the solution. He asked me to call to the QuickBooks subscription and share the problem I was facing while customizing QuickBooks invoice.

According to the instruction, I asked the subscription rep for the support, but since he didn’t have any idea to resolve the problem so he advised me to dial QuickBooks customer support phone number and I again repeated the issue to the executive. He discussed with me that when did I purchased intuit QuickBooks accounting software and since when I am facing the problem. I answered him the things and instantly asked him whether he will be able to resolve the problem I am facing or not.

    He said yes to me and instructed me the way which could help me resolving QuickBooks invoice customization issue. I followed the way that the executive instructed and I was able to use invoice properly. He provided me the website address which is even QuickBooks support tool to help its customers resolve their problem.

I was truly helped by the executive to resolve the problem I was facing with QuickBooks. Anyone can use the way that helped me to fix their issue.

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