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Tall Bongs For Sale - Our Top 3 Picks!


Cannabis has been sweeping the nation and with so much glass to choose from I figured I would talk about some of the most kick ass tall bongs I have found online. Be warned… you might get high as a kite, but these towering bongs are good for stoner professionals and anyone looking for a decently priced bong. 


First Tall Bong Pick (Mic Check 1 2)

We found this very tall bong on https://rockygreenking.com/collections/tall-bongs-large-bongs. We love how much height this bong has and hits like a champion. Just add a little bit of water until it tops that bottom percolator, load your goods in and then bangarang! 


Second Tall Bong Pick


This tall bong is juicy as hell and has some sick ass colors. We found this bong on sale at https://www.visceralantagonism.com/products/massive-triple-color-water-pipe. We liked this bong because it cleared a whopping 24inches and you got to appreciate a bong that is 2 feet tall! They are currently sold out in the time of writing but we hope visceralantagonism brings it back soon. 


Third Tall Bong Pick


We thought this bong was absolutely kick ass. We found this litte guy… (HAHA) on https://herb.co/undefined/best-bongs-old/. According to herb.co “cylinder is at a slight-angle which makes it hit a whole lot easier)  This bong is also super cheap so we recommend you go check it out!

That’s it for now. We are not affiliated with any of the tall bong sites mentioned on this round-up please visit at your own discretion!