The Future of Takeaway and Delivery in Australia

pos system for restaurant australiaEver since COVID-19 came into action, the food industry witnessed a rise in the takeaway and home delivery demand. With the increase in these services, fortunately, the restaurants and cafes in Australia partially compensated for the loss incurred during the lockdown period.

A report by Restaurant Business claims that the sales of these restaurants and businesses grew to 67% which is 2.5% more than the pre-COVID era.

As we advance into the future, the demand for online food delivery has increased. Takeaways and food delivery have successfully made their position in the food industry. With over 7000 food deliveries in an hour in Australia, restaurants and cafes are coming up with new strategies to boost up their sales.

While it is important to adapt to fresh changes for improving the performance, one should not forget to maintain the supremacy of the services. Quality should not be compromised in the name of extending the reach.

The online food delivery industry is worth around $690 million in Australia itself and the number is expected to increase in the future.

What does the Future Hold For Us?

Artificial intelligence and hyper-automation are revolutionary technologies and if we go by the statistics, 63.5% of the food-based businesses have already resorted to AI in this fast-paced world.

pos system for restaurant australia

Maintaining the legacy, AIPOS has come up with a Point-of-Sale system supported by advanced Burp Engine to make the process viable and smooth for you. AI incorporated service helps you to save the preferences of your customers, track the orders, and suggest some of the most delicious dishes through push notifications. Furthermore, you can track the performance of your venture and in-house staff to provide better services in the industry.

Resources are unlimited in today’s world. What matters is how you are putting those into use. As Arthur C.Clarke quotes, “Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic”, and we completely agree with this. The Internet has been a blessing in disguise, not only for food-based businesses but for every venture that possibly exists today.

As we advance into the future, robots are more likely to be used for food deliveries to homes and offices. This will possibly eliminate the need for human interaction thereby helping to reach your customers faster.

Takeaways have also been equally popular among the masses but since we are facing a major crisis all over the world, it is unlikely that people would prefer it over online deliveries.

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Are We Heading Towards Smart Ordering?

We are already introduced to ordering through the native branded apps as well as third-party applications.

But what about smart ordering?

Smart ordering is another unique way of online ordering. Just that instead of following a regular online food ordering practice, Facebook bots, Twitter, and other social media platforms are placed into the picture. Millennials are taking the industry by storm with their brilliant minds and with their fresh ideas, we are more likely to get things done at a much faster rate. Type away your order and boom, you’ll be hearing a doorbell in minutes.


This is just one of the prospects of delivery and takeaway in Australia and we are sure there are many more on their way. But the need of the hour is to make the entire process smooth without bearing high revenues or losses at the restaurant’s end. One way to achieve the goal is to get yourself a branded app. AIPOS has made this easy for you by offering its valuable services to “entrepreneurs” like you who prioritize the up-gradation and maintaining a healthy relationship with the customers.

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